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Nine new Michelin for every riding style

The French manufacturer strengthens its presence in the market for two-wheel tires

Vittorio Ricci

Michelin is strengthening its presence in the two-wheel sector with a new range of tires for both motorcycles and scooters. At Eicma, the French manufacturer brought nine tires ready to be sold already in 2020. All tires designed to meet the needs of different categories of riders: from speed and touring enthusiasts to enduro addicts.


Michelin Power

The first products to be found in retail stores in 2020 are part of the Michelin Power line. Four tires with different characteristics, designed to satisfy different riding styles. Michelin Power 5 was designed to meet the needs of sports bikes owners and road use only. The compound integrates silica and carbon black and grooves are found on jut 11% of the tread while the sidewall design uses "premium touch technology". Michelin Power GP, on the other hand, is intended for those who use the bike on the road but would not deny themselves the occasional visit to a race track. In this case, though, the grooves occupy only 6.5% of the tread and the "slick" areas on the shoulders are fit for racing tracks. Furthermore, Michelin rewarded those who prefer the excitement of track racing with two new tires. The first is the Michelin Power Cup² - approved also for road use – a near-slick tire, the second is Michelin Power Slick².


Michelin City Grip 2

Following the success of the Michelin City Grip, with 8 million units sold between 2010 and 2018, the French manufacturer came up with the second generation of this scooter tire renewing its design. The Michelin City Grip 2 was designed using an innovative compound in which specific materials, including silica, were used. In addition, the design has been modified by creating new "shark tooth" sipes. Finally, thanks to a long list of sizes available, this tire is suitable for small scooters as well as maxi and electric scooters, thus meeting multiple needs.


Michelin Commander III

And if you are into customs, Michelin's offer has doubled. The new Michelin Commander III range includes Cruiser tires, designed with a 100% silica reinforced compound and Touring tires.


Michelin Enduro and StarCross

Finally, as expected, the off-road sector could not be neglected. In 2020, in fact, Michelin is offering two new tires: Enduro Xtrem and StarCross 5 Mini. The first, stems from three years of research and development and is aimed at hard-enduro enthusiasts, and stands out for its grip on all surfaces. Off-road competitions, in fact, requires specific characteristics, first and foremost traction in the toughest and most unpredictable conditions, such as mud, stones, roots and steep slopes, all considering that the terrain can change and worsen depending on the weather and the number of laps made on a motocross track or the number of riders passing on the same spot in an endure race. Michelin StarCross 5 Mini, on the other hand, is a tire developed for smaller motorcycles and intended for young riders who are moving the first steps in the world of motocross.

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