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New truck tires by Wingfoot

Goodyear renews its heavy transport portfolio, launching the new KMAX GEN-2 range dedicated to regional routes and FUELMAX GEN-2 designed for long-distance routes. Mileage and efficiency are key development factors

Francesca Del Bello

Goodyear lifts the veil from its new KMAX GEN-2 and FUELMAX GEN-2 truck tire ranges, designed to meets the needs of regional and long-distance transport fleets. The new steering and drive axle tires represent an upgrade of the previous KMAX and FUELMAX models, set to be replaced by the new versions due to improved performance in terms of fuel efficiency, mileage and rolling resistance, which translates in a reduction in CO2 emissions.

"Today's demand centres around balanced performance in both inter-regional and long-distance transport applications, so as to make daily operations efficient and streamlined”, comments Matteo Berti, Sales GM Commercial at Goodyear Italia: "thanks to these new truck ranges fleet owners have a concrete opportunity to further reduce their Total Cost of Ownership”.

KMAX GEN-2 and FUELMAX GEN-2 enlarge Goodyear's Total Mobility offer, a complete programme designed exclusively for road hauliers, combining premium truck tires, a widespread service network across the European continent and a range of predictive monitoring tools. Both new tires are also equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, which uses a label carefully placed inside the tire to connect the product to a cloud. This system not only allows access to tracking services, useful for theft prevention, but also allows more efficient management of the tire's life.


Goodyear KMAX GEN-2

The new Goodyear KMAX GEN-2 range is designed for superior performance over regional routes, ensuring high mileage and improved traction over the previous model. KMAX GEN-2 is available in steering axle versions (KMAX S GEN-2), with 9 sizes available, and a drive axle tire (KMAX D GEN-2), available in 7 sizes. Both bear three peaks mountain snowflake markings. The KMAX GEN-2 range of tires is, in fact, 25% more adaptable to all kinds of weather conditions compared to previous products.

Limited and optimized tread wear throughout the tire’s life cycle (with 15% improved damage resistance), low rolling resistance, improved fuel efficiency, and high mileage performance: these are the key benefits of the KMAX GEN-2 tire range, achieved through innovative tread technology, optimised casing shape and a compound formula designed to guarantee optimum performance.

The tread’s IntelliMaxRib Technology with Flexomatic sipes, common to the entire KMAX GEN-2 range, feature stiffener bridges in the centre grooves that connect when the tire rolls through the footprint, creating a stiffer design and limiting tread wear. Flexomatic sipes close when rolling through the footprint so that the tread blocks interlock, making the tread stiffer thus guaranteeing short braking distances throughout the tire’s life, besides top class mileage.

In particular, the tread pattern of the KMAX D GEN-2 drive axle, which has deeper grooves than the previous model, improves the traction potential of the tire as well as ensuring greater protection against damage and durability of the casing. The casing shape of both the KMAX S GEN-2 and KMAX D GEN-2 lines has been designed to allow constant and regular footprint under different load conditions, optimising the level of wear and improving mileage performance. 

Both KMAX GEN-2 tires can rely on a new compound that facilitates a “cold start” and provides high resistance to abrasion, a low rolling resistance and regular wear. However, a particular attention must be given to the KMAX GEN-2 designed for the drive axle, able to achieve these results thanks to the presence of a Dual tread compound that combines two layers of different rubber. The top compound provides high abrasion resistance. The base compound offers low rolling resistance, high mileage combined with fuel efficiency.


Goodyear FUELMAX GEN-2

Developed especially for fleets operating in regional and long-distance transport, the tires in the FUELMAX GEN-2 range are available for steering axle (FUELMAX S GEN-2) and drive axle (FUELMAX D GEN-2) in 9 and 7 sizes respectively.

Similarly to the KMAX, the FUELMAX GEN-2 range improved performance in terms of mileage (increased by up to 10%), fuel efficiency, improved traction and reduced noise emissions are the direct result of using IntelliMaxRib Technology with Flexomatic sipes on the tread, as well as a new casing design. In the case of FUELMAX D GEN-2, designed for drive axles, the tread also integrates Goodyear’s IntelliMax Groove technology which, among other things, allows full visibility of the depth and easy measurement at any point around the tire for quick and accurate tread wear monitoring.

FUELMAX GEN-2 tires complete the FUELMAX PERFORMANCE range, a line of tires specifically designed to meet the needs of fleets operating over long distances: the essential feature of the entire range is a full-silica compound, which earned an A on the European tire label system for fuel efficiency, in other words, maximum fuel savings and reduced emissions. FUELMAX GEN-2 also improves (by 30%) its ability to cope with all weather conditions compared to the previous version, and boasts 3PMS markings making it suitable for driving in winter.



Goodyear Total Mobility

The launch of the two new tire ranges is part of a fleet-specific offer: the Goodyear Total Mobility programme. Combining a complete range of premium truck tires, a suite of predictive monitoring solutions and over 2000 service centres across Europe, Goodyear's Total Mobility formula aims to develop tailor-made solutions for each customer fleet. "Every fleet is unique," says David Anckaert, Vice President Goodyear Commercial Europe, "so we work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs, and help them cope with challenges and situations depending on the size of their fleet, mileage range, current and future business targets”. Although tires account for only 2.5% of purchasing costs, they do have a significant impact on operating costs, which is why the Goodyear Total Mobility program was specifically created to provide the tools needed to simplify day-to-day operations, maximize uptime and minimize total cost of ownership.

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