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New tires and sizes for Metzeler



The Austrian tire company presents the new Tourance Next 2 and updates the size range of the Sportec M9 Rr, Mce 6 Days Extreme, MC360 and Racetec Sm tires.

Vittorio Ricci

While 2020 proved a year of renewal for Metzeler, as the company expanded its road-tire portfolio with several new tires such as Racetec Td Slick, Sportec M9 Rr, Roadtec and Roadtec Scooter, 2021 will usher in a series of new products dedicated to road, on-off and pure off-road riding. The first product to be launched on the market is the Tourance Next 2, which represents the fourth generation of the Tourance line, and is the result of extensive work by Metzeler engineers who have combined technological innovation and new materials. But there is more! Alongside the launch of the new “adventure” tire, the Austrian tire maker introduced several new sizes designed for other lines already in the company’s portfolio such as Sportec M9 Rr, Mce 6 Days Extreme, MC360 and Racetec Sm.


Tourance Next 2

The Tourance Next 2 is the ideal choice to equip road-going enduro bikes used for both long journeys and off-road excursions. This tire improves on the performance of its predecessor. The main features of the Tourance Next 2 include greatly reduced braking distance even at low temperatures thanks to the use of a new compound and the innovative Metzeler Hyperbase, a tread design based on Metzeler Dymatec. The longitudinal grooves of the rear tire intersect with the other grooves to improve the stability of the compound and ensure an even wear of the tread, which translates into more mileage while maintaining the needed riding precision on dirt roads at the same time. On the front tire Metzeler introduces an innovative high-silica compound (85%) containing polymers that enhance its stability and grip characteristics in the wet. The multi-compound rear tire is characterised by, depending on the size, a Cap&Base structure (the central compound extends below the two shoulder compound areas) or by the new Metzeler Hyperbase structure (the central and lateral compound areas are supported by a full-carbon-black base for greater dynamic and thermal stability). The central compound replicates the same one used at the front, while the shoulder compounds are full-silica and oriented towards performance in wet conditions and grip when cornering.


Sportec M9 Rr

Introduced at the beginning of 2020, the Sportec M9 Rr now boasts a new radial front tire size 120/70 R 19 60V and a 170/60 R 17 72V at the rear, designed to equip the most popular adventure bikes on the market.


Mce 6 Days Extreme

The revamped Mce 6 Days Extreme range includes new front and rear extreme enduro specifications that can now be identified by coloured tread lines: orange for Soft and green for Supersoft. The new 90/90-21 soft front tire, an evolution of the previous hard compound, guarantees suitable grip on slippery surfaces while maintaining the necessary structural stiffness and cornering stability on more “traditional” terrains; the new 90/100-21 soft front, dedicated to extreme enduro competitions, with remarkable dampening characteristics that provide great versatility on different terrains, predictable behaviour and feedback to the rider in all situations; the new 90/100-21 super soft front, developed specifically to tackle highly technical sections is used in some of the most popular international endure competitions; the new 140/80-18 medium rear; the new 140/80-18 soft rear for Extreme Enduro; the new 140/80-18 super soft rear for Extreme Enduro.




As for the MC360 off-road tire, from May 2021 the motocross range will also be available in the new R specification, dedicated to MX competitions. The MC360 R spec will only be available in Nhs (Not for Highway Service) version and on both Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard treads. News also for the Racetec Sm racing range. In 2021 Metzeler will update the entire range: the rear tire will rely on the latest evolution of the K0 compound that improves grip coming out of corners and should last longer, which means greater consistency of performance throughout the duration of the race, the 17" front tire features an updated tread design that guarantees greater cornering speed and powerful braking. All of this made possible by new and advanced compounds. Finally, the new 16.5" front tire, just like the 17", boasts new treads and compounds, as well as a new structure.


Racetec Sm

This is Metzeler’s racing range dedicated to Supermoto competitions. Racetec Sm offers the possibility of choosing a 16.5" (420mm) or 17" front tire, together with the classic 17" rear. All sizes are available as Metzeler’s traditional solutions: Supersoft K0, Soft K1 and Medium K2, all with high silica content. Further updates are expected in 2021.

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