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New All Season range


Vittorio Ricci

The growth of the all-season tire market continues unabated. In the last three years, this specific sector has witnessed an impressive increase in consumer interest. Consumers seem to prefer tires suitable for different weather patterns, and this has prompted manufacturers to include a new all-season choice in their catalogues alongside winter and summer tires. This is the case at Pirelli, hence the decision to expand with 22 new sizes – suitable for wheels ranging between 16 and 19 inches - the Cinturato All Season Plus and Scorpion Verde All Season SF ranges. The decision to invest in this sector should not be viewed as a decision to choose only all-season models. "The use of winter tires - reads a Pirelli communication - is always recommended for high performance cars to cope with harsh weather conditions. Our all-season range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a market segment that favours a single solution over the traditional summer/winter alternation, to meet the needs of car owners who fit tires between 15 and 20 inches and prefer to move in an urban context without having to worry about weather conditions and regulations". This line of products, destined for the aftermarket, makes use of Pirelli’s patented technologies such as Seal Inside technology, which allows a car to drive even in the event of punctures. Inside the tire, a sealing layer material placed under the tread pattern tightly blocks every possible air leakage going through the casing with or without an external object still present. "In this way, air leakage and consequent loss of pressure is prevented".

Cinturato All Season Plus

The Cinturato All Season Plus has a special tread pattern designed to optimize water evacuation, through two wide longitudinal and side channels, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Thanks to its innovative design, noise levels have been reduced both outside the vehicle and inside the passenger compartment. A further distinguishing feature of the new Cinturato All Season Plus is the 3D siping technology: the tread pattern of the All Season is designed in such a way that on dry or wet surfaces the 3D sipes, following and optimising the movement of the tread blocks, guarantee short braking distances and superior cornering performance as well as an even wear of the tread extending the tire’s life cycle. On the other hand, on snow-covered roads, the blocks open up allowing snow crystals to be “captured”, improving grip and traction. This tire is distinguished by both M+S and 3PMSF symbols. which certifies its ability to safely tackle even severe winter conditions.


Scorpion Verde All Season

The Scorpion Verde All Season SF is dedicated to Crossover and SUV owners, and suitable for both summer and winter conditions, as the 3PMSF and M+S markings testify. This means that safety in harsh winter conditions is guaranteed. The special tread pattern and sipes design improve grip on snow as well as wet roads, not to mention lateral stability, traction and low noise emission.


Carrier All Season

The Carrier All Season tire, on the other hand, is dedicated to vans and light commercial vehicles and has been designed to ensure safe handling, high mileage, good rolling resistance and performance in all conditions. The Carrier All Season too, features the 3PMSF and M+S symbols.


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