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The two long distance versions, peaking at 480 and 570 hp respectively, feature the innovative “Smart EGR” system, a solution that harnesses a small amount of exhaust gas re-circulation – just 8%. The rest of the vehicle range will continue to rely on a SCR system “only”. Nevertheless, technical innovations aimed at cutting down consumptions and emissions are by no means few

Fabio Quinto

No Euro 7 (yet), but the third phase of the Euro 6 for long distance truck engines is getting closer and closer. A more stringent system of emission controls is the reason why the latter part of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 will, for heavy transport vehicles, be a bit like a re-edition of the 2011-2012 period: many new technical features, new engines and perhaps the opportunity to design totally new or upgraded cabin layouts. The latter was the path chosen by Iveco with its new Stralis XP, a combination of cutting edge technologies with a single goal: reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


The engines

From the outside, the Stralis XP looks like the obvious development of its predecessor, the Hi-way, with its eye-catching black mask, electric blue  details and official badge on the doors. Inside, however, new features abound, such as a less colorful but more intuitive new display. Nevertheless, most of the changes are to be found under the grill. Starting with the new 11 and 13 litre Cursor engines: the first available with 420 (with a torque of 2000 Nm between 875 and 1475 revs / minute, a thousand more than the previous version), 460 (2150 Nm between 925 and 1500 revs / minute ) or 480 hp (2300 Nm between 970 and 1465 revs / min, 50 more than its predecessor); the second with a power output of 510 (2300 Nm from 900 to 1560 revs / minute) and 570 hp (2500 Nm between 1000 and 1605 revs / min), 10 hp more than the 2012 Stralis. Both engines were upgraded working mainly on the compression ratio and the reduction of internal friction. Since reducing fuel consumption and emissions is high on Iveco’s agenda, Stralis was also equipped with an automatic engine shut-off after idling for a few minutes, a system that was also added to the rest of the range equipped with a Cursor 9 engine.


Long distance solutions

But the real exiting news is another: despite remaining loyal to the SCR-only option, which has characterized Iveco since the launch of the new Euro 6, and partially followed by Scania, the 480 and 570 hp versions added a "Smart EGR" system. We are looking at the two most powerful versions of the Cursor engines, for which - more than a reduction of emissions - the risk was probably that of an excessive increase in AdBlue consumption, which, instead, remains just as low as in SCR-only models. Gas recirculation works only under certain conditions, making use of a minimum quantity, 8%, of un-burnt gas. The result is greater fuel economy while maintaining the high 97% tailpipe NOx conversion delivered by the HI-SCR system and all the benefits of this technology: regeneration free, no impact on radiator size, no extra maintenance. So, this is the practical solution found by Iveco for its two long distance work horses.


New transmission

And it doesn’t end here. The new Hi tronix 12-speed gearbox, ZF as usual with customized Iveco software, adds to the EcoSwitch speed and torque limiter, a new low-friction single-reduction rear axle with a ‘longer’ 2:47:1 ratio, which reduces engine speed by 7% at a given road speed to suit the torque characteristics of the latest engines. The XP package also features other details designed to cut costs: not just the standard automatic transmission, but also the Iveconnect fleet management system, able, among other things, to evaluate the “sober” driving style of the driver examined; additionally, Michelin X-line energy tires, with management cost monitoring and extended 4 years warranty; Smart accessories, which are automatically activated or turned on to power saving mode when not needed; not to mention Iveco’s Hi-Cruise, based on a predictive GPS system, which manages drive assist functions  such as eco-roll, gear shift system and cruise control.


TCO2 management system

Particularly relevant are Iveco’s new generation services, which are included in the TCO2 LIVE modular program, and include innovative cost reduction services in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance, repair and tire management. TheT CO2 Smart Report, for instance, shows in detail the fuel consumption of each vehicle of the fleet, which is then automatically e-mailed to the Customer every week; furthermore we find TCO2 Advising Fuel, an energy efficiency service based on the wealth of knowledge collected through real-life truck analysis. Both can be integrated with the TCO2 Driving courses provided by specialized Iveco trainers. Talking about maintenance, Iveco also introduced its Uptime warranty program, an all new formula that promises to safeguard clients from technical setbacks and breakdowns, putting the vehicle on the road in the shortest possible time (no more than 24 hours), accessing the nearest Iveco Truck Station, located along all the main European transport routes. All these services, according to Iveco, translate in a 3% fuel reduction, while all the other above mentioned improvements will guarantee an 11% fuel saving compared to previous models. As a whole, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership, which includes also all the other expenses, from purchasing to maintenance) has been reduced by 5,6% on long distance transport. Pierre Lahutte, Iveco president, thus commented: “The new Stralis XP represents the new technological benchmark in terms of TCO and CO2 emission reduction. It’s the perfect choice for long distance hauliers who do not want to experience technical setbacks or downtime due to mechanical failures, and hope for a reduced TCO. Our approach, able to perfectly combine product and service quality, produced a highly reliable truck, which allows considerable saving in terms of fuel consumption and is backed by our Uptime warranty. In addition to all this, there is a complete range of services created to help sector operators in efficiently managing their fleets. The new Stralis XP is a true TCO Champion, designed to travel on all European motorways”.


The LNG alternative

In addition to the Stralis XP, Iveco also launched the new LNG powered  version of its Stralis NP, the new frontier of sustainable transport. The new Stralis NP, which can be also equipped with an AS tronic transmission and a large cab, delivers 400hp and can boasts a mileage of 1500km.

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