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The Chinese company’s third generation truck tires draw on the great technological expertise of Pirelli and have undergone a complete renewal. Five product lines and  over 70 models

Massimo Condolo

Borrowing a few hi-tech solutions from Pirelli Industrial, Aeolus launches its latest industrial vehicle tires,  the Chinese company’s third generation since its birth (Aeolus will be integrated in the Prometeon group, like Pirelli Industrial, in the early months of 2018). The new series is called Neo and will enter into production alongside the older series; the first models are already available on the market and the range will be completed over the next twelve months. Aeolus aims to be the leading second line tire manufacturer, and for this reason it will not offer Pirelli tires, already in production, but totally new products, designed with 3D digital simulation techniques, able to focus only on the most promising technical solutions and predict their behaviour well in advance. Neo is a global name, as is its technology, but products can vary considerably in different markets. In Asia, Aeolus relies heavily on the local and demanding OEM market, which will be further developed in Europe when the merger between Aeolus and Prometeon will be completed; for now, OEM supplies are limited to one important trailer manufacturer. Borrowing compounds, quality systems and production processes from Pirelli Industrial, not to mention technologies such as the Satt belt (Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck), Aeolus’ newest endeavour has greatly improved grip and comfort reducing tire wear at the same time. The Full Penetration Cord layer improves resistance to stress increasing the tire’s inherent strength, while the High Ductility wire layer reduces rolling resistance and increases driving precision and grip. The Bead Wrap Cord adds strength to the structure and improves the tire’s retreadability which can be said also of the flexible Hexagonal Bead Wire, that makes the task of assembling the tire much easier. The high silica tread compound improves wet and low temperatures grip reducing overheating. The shoulder boasts the company’s Rotate Shoulder Rubber technology which improves pressure distribution producing an even wear.



Five product lines with 70 different models, all sporting newly designed tread patterns. Neo Fuel winks at long-haul transport; long life and high retreadability, tread wear resistance, heat dissipation and water expulsion are common characteristics of all three models; S (steering), D (traction) and T + (for semi-trailer; in all ranges, the "+" identifies a four-block design instead of 3). The S, with a four-grooves design, offers a high load capacity, in line with the needs of Euro 6 trucks and their complex and heavy after-treatment systems. Wet grip is underlined by the M + S marking and sizes are available as 295/60, 295/80, 315/70 and 315/80, all with 22.5" diameters. The D, has a lateral groove design that improves grip in both dry and wet conditions, and is marked both M + S and 3PMSF; The sizes available are the same as their S model. The new tread design around the shoulders and low friction compound allow the T+ to reduce tread wear; for now it is available as 435/50 R19.5 while the 445/45 and 385/55 will arrive in 2018. The Neo All-roads, with double-layered tread, are designed for shorter regional routes; the range is structured around six models S, S+, D, D+, T and T+. Noise reduction, increased grip and handling thanks to zig-zag grooves and excellent stone-ejecting tire treads are all inherent characteristics of the S models, which will be available from 2018 in sizes 215/75, 235/75 and 245/75 for 17,5” rims, 265/70 and 285/70 for 19,5” rims and 295/70, 315/70 and 315/80 for 22.5" rims; the 385/55 and 385/65 R22.5 "(already available and marked M + S) are included in the S+ series. Once again, traction tires are named D and D+, with deep grooves and a tread block design created to reduce tread wear and rolling noise, improving traction at the same time. The sizes are 205/75, 215/75, 225/75, 235/75 and 245/70 for 17.5" rims, while 19.5" rims are equipped with 265/70 and 285/70; all will be available between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. The D+ model is reserved for 22.5" rims (295/80, 315/70 and 315/80); it has a directional design, shoulders designed for improved heat dissipation and tread blocks that guarantee adequate traction even when the tire is worn. The belt facilitates both re-grooving and retreading processes. The lines dedicated to trailers and semi-trailers are the T (205/65, 215/75 and 235/75 R17.5, 245/70 and 265/70 R 17.5) and T+ (285/70 R19.5, 385/55, 385 / 65, 425/65 and 445/65 R22.5) which offer high-silica compound, zig-zag grooves, low rolling noise and great stone-ejecting quality.

For dumpers and earth movers Aeolus offers the Neo Construct D traction tire and the Neo Construct G All-position tires. The D is already available as 13R22.5, 315/80 R22.5 and 325/95 R24, and comes with deep transversal grooves, interconnected blocks, optimized contact patch and high load capacity. The G, available from next year as 13R 22.5, 315/80, 425/65 and 445/65 R22.5, boasts rigid tread blocks, side blocks designed to improve traction, wide and deep transversal grooves. The Neo Winter, dedicated to short range transport in very severe conditions, includes an S steering tire and a D traction tire.  The first, marked M + S and 3PMSF, offers four 3D zig-zag grooves and very dense transversal siping that guarantee good traction on snow-clad roads; the high-silica compound guarantees flexibility and low rolling resistance even at low temperatures. On the market in almost all sizes, which include 275/70, 295/80, 315/60, 315/70, 315/80, 385/55 and 385/65 for 22.5” rims. The model D, available between the end of 2017 and 2018, resembles the S model with low void density; three sizes are available here: 295/80, 315/70 and 315/80. The latest model is the All-position Neo Urban G for urban and suburban buses with four grooves, "S" style blocks to facilitate heat dissipation and high-silica compound. Marked M + S, they are already available as 275/70 R22.5; the 295/80 and 305/70 will be on the market next year.

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