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Michelin has expanded its range of tyres dedicated to the road Enduro with the addition of the Michelin Anakee Adventure. Conceived for 80% road and 20% off-road use, the Michelin Anakee Adventure is the ideal solution for the majority of motorcycles of this type. Michelin has developed a completely new tyre with regard to rubber compounds, structure, sculpture and technologies, all in order to obtain a tyre with greater grip on wet as well as dry surfaces, with excellent characteristics of handling, stability, especially at high speeds, and comfort. It is therefore the first time that a Michelin tyre in the «Enduro street» range has adopted technologies originally dedicated to Michelin’s radial road range: Michelin 2CT and Michelin 2CT+ technologies. This tyre completes Michelin’s offer dedicated to the road Enduro, which already includes Michelin Road 5 Trail (100% road) and Michelin Anakee Wild (50% road and 50% off-road) tyres. The Michelin Anakee Adventure includes new elastomers, new formulas, new technologies and a new construction, with high performance grip on wet and dry surfaces, without compromising mileage or handling. The Michelin 2CT and Michelin 2CT+ technologies were already new in the field of road enduro: with Anakee Adventure, a tyre in the “Enduro street” range for the first time incorporates Michelin 2CT technologies for the front tyre and Michelin 2CT + for the rear. Thanks to 2CT technology, the front tyre has two compounds, with 100% silica, that are different in the tread centre and shoulder. The Michelin 2CT + technology allows the centre compound to act as a “rigid” substrate in that the harder compound in the centre extends below the softer compound in the shoulders and reaches the ends. This configuration gives the sculpture supplementary rigidity to improve motorcycle stability on corners. Anakee Adventure has been distributed since January 2019 in three sizes for the front and three for the rear, while in August a new size for the front an another two for the rear will be introduced.

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