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Michelin introduces the new, connected and hi-performance Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect

Technological innovation


Michelin Track Connect technology monitors the tires in use to maintain efficiency and improve performance

Emiliano Costa

The Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect is the new tire designed to be connected thanks to Michelin Track Connect. French engineers have created an integrated space inside the tire where the sensor can be installed. In this way, Track Connect allows the tire to be monitored during its use in order to maintain its efficiency and improve its performance. Designed primarily for track use, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect remains versatile for an everyday use while offering high potential on track.


A new structure to guarantee stability and safety

To combine both excellent feeling and high efficiency, the new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect combines in its construction two polyester plies, two steel plies and a polyamide ply. It also benefits from several advanced technologies: Michelin’s Wavy Summit Architecture and Dynamic Response Technology. The first consists of waving summit plies obtained by adding rubber under the structural steel cable of the tire, giving the advantage of reducing response time and increasing the feeling of sportiness behind the wheel. Dynamic Response Technology, on the other hand, features a high-density aramid and nylon hybrid belt, which promotes driving precision and tire behaviour under load. This belt, which is located just below the tread, is both very resistant and light. Thus, at equivalent weight, the associated nylon and aramid are five times more resistant than steel. These technical improvements allow higher cornering speeds and excellent stability at high speeds.


Greater performance on tracks with Michelin Track Connect

Thanks to these technologies, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect improves the driving experience not only from the driver’s point of view (improved steering precision and handling thanks to a more efficient footprint), but also looking at lap times. It is in fact 7.29 seconds faster, after a series of 10 laps, than its predecessor, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2. In addition, the use of the Michelin Track Connect solution allows, thanks to pressure details provided through a dedicated app, to improve its performance with a gain of 7.40 seconds after a series of 15 consecutive laps. The BMW M2 CS will be the first car equipped as OE with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect tires (245/35 ZR19 (93Y) XL TL Pilot Sport Cup 2 DT1 at the front and 265/35 ZR19 (98Y) XL TL Pilot Sport Cup 2 DT1 at the rear). Also available for the aftermarket in 41 sizes ranging from 17 to 21 inches, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect is compatible with the majority of sports cars on the market up to and over 750 horsepower, and will delight the experienced driver as well as the weekend enthusiast, allowing them to improve both their driving experience and lap times.


Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R (R stands for Racing) is a tire that has been custom developed with vehicle manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari, to meet the needs of the most experienced drivers and their ultra-high performance cars, who seek extreme performance on track. Approved also for road use, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R maximises grip on dry roads providing the driver with a high level of grip through corners even at high speeds. A result confirmed, the French multinational points out, by a series of internal tests conducted on the Italian circuit of Nardò, where a Porsche 911 GT2 RS equipped with Pilot Sport Cup2 R tires was able to lap up to 2.9 seconds faster (0.5 seconds per kilometre) than the same car equipped with the Pilot Sport Cup2. To make this kind of performance possible, Michelin's engineers used a high-grip compound for the new Pilot Sport Cup2 R, “borrowed” directly from their portfolio of compounds used in motorsport. The new Pilot Sport Cup2 R tread design was developed for dry track conditions. The number of grooves has been reduced on the outer shoulder and the central channels have become narrower, stiffening the tire and enabling it to guarantee higher grip and improve steering precision. As a result, the tire’s footprint has increased by around 10% compared with the Pilot Sport Cup2. Modern ultra-high performance cars, such as the Porsche GT2 RS, GT3 RS and Ferrari 488 Pista, can thus unleash their full potential thanks to Michelin’s Pilot Sport Cup2 R which has also approved for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Ford GT, AMG Project One, AMG GT and AMG GT Black Series.


Titolo: Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect

Bi Compound Technology:

An asymmetrical tread pattern with, on the outside, a flexible elastomer which increases grip on dry surfaces when negotiating tight bends. On the inside, the more rigid elastomer optimises driving precision

High Molecular Chain:

A more homogeneous rubber compound which increases grip on wet surfaces while reducing the rolling resistance for more efficient tire performance;

Track Longevity Technology 2.0:

Reinforcements on the external shoulder make the tire more resistant to wear on the track while increasing its performance and maintain it lap after lap.


Michelin Pilot Sport range

Racing tracks are not the only place where the Pilot Sport range can be used. In fact, Michelin has included in the range tires that have been specifically designed for those who prefer a sporty style of driving in three different versions: Pilot Sport 4, Pilot Sport 4 S and Pilot Sport 4 Suv. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4, currently available in more than 130 sizes, is designed for those seeking sporty performance in saloons, station wagons and compact cars; the Pilot Sport 4 S, available in 157 sizes, is the hi-performance version, designed for 80% road - 20% track use; the Pilot Sport 4 SUV, available in 72 sizes, is designed to fit all ranges of compact, medium, premium and sporty SUVs and 4x4s. Developed in collaboration with the most demanding manufacturers, the entire Michelin Pilot Sport range is fitted with the rim protection and Michelin Premium Touch technology.

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