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Goodyear’s Omnitrac range, was designed bearing in mind the needs of trucks used on construction sites while having to travel long distances on normal roads. Able to withstand the aggression of dirt roads they go a long way in containing the total cost of ownership.

Massimo Condolo

Tippers, concrete mixers, truck mounted pumps and many other construction vehicles used in urban areas do not work exclusively as off-road vehicles. Quite the contrary, most of their journeys take place on normal roads between construction sites, or between sites and suppliers. A pure off-road tire would provide excellent traction on uneven and muddy roads as well as guarantee adequate protection against cuts and punctures, but would adversely affect road travelling costs. Off-road compounds and treads blocks would increase fuel consumption and operating costs, not to mention the rather uncomfortable ride. A road tire, on the other hand, would be unsuitable for the first and last mile, where traction and resistance to rough terrain are required.


Different needs, one solution

The new Goodyear Omnitrac range was created to reconcile the different needs of vehicles used in construction sites, waste recycling and agro-forestry industries. Off-road vehicles typical of these sectors are called upon to cope with aggressive elements (roots, stones, sharp rocks) as well as soft, slippery surfaces (sand, mud, loose soil) which require a high level of grip. Long road journeys, on the other hand, have the same needs as regional road transport, where mileage, low fuel consumption and retreadability are crucial elements for containing TCOs. Goodyear’s steering Omnitrac S and traction Omnitrac D have 3PMSF winter marking, which testifies to their excellent behaviour on slippery surfaces, and several hi-tech solution able to reconcile what may, at a first glance, look like opposite needs, such as road travelling and working in building sites. This new range does not replace any of those currently on the market, but must be considered an addition to the pure off-road Ord range as well as the Mixed Service line, designed for vehicles that split their mileage equally on and off-road.


An “armour” beneath the tread

The Rfid chip, a regular feature now on all tires (with the exception of the 13.00 R22.5 that will have it in the future), allows to send temperature and pressure data to a Tpms system and monitor the entire operating life of the casing. Its signal is constantly read and processed by the on-board system's control unit and used to check the state of the tires during routine tire service, such as those offered under Goodyear Proactive Solutions programmes (available for on-off road tires from 2018), as well as retreading and re-grooving phases. The most important new addition is the polyester-based composite DuraShield top belt, located under the tread. Besides protection against punctures, the new tread design effectively expels stones and other sharp objects that may be trapped in the grooves. The absence of metals increases the life of the casing, as rust caused by water particles is prevented and the belt does not suffer the thermal stress so typical of metal structures. The compound was designed to generate little heat, so as to prevent premature tire wear and preventing crushed stone and small sharp objects from piercing through. Protection, lower risk of damage and compound work in favour of greater retreadability. Omnitrac tires are designed for a life cycle in four steps (first use, re-grooving, retreading, second re-grooving) although, technically speaking, they could withstand a second retreading.


Ok with hydraulic motors

The Omnitrac S has a five-rib design, with ejectors at the bottom of the grooves. The edges are open, with dense siping in the centre. The compact design is well suited to the high traction torque of hydraulic auxiliary drives, which are becoming fairly common on the second axles of 8x4 trucks, and the braking torque transmitted by the retarder. The Omnitrac D has a directional design and offset shoulder block edges (wide open for improved self-cleaning) that improve traction. Wide grooves also promote drainage. The weight is the same found on the Mixed Services range. Both Omnitrac S and D have been available on the market since last December for 22.5 wheel as new and TreadMax hot retreads in six sizes for steering axles (13R, 295/80, 315/80, 315/70, 385/65 and 325/5) and four sizes for drive axles (13R, 295/80, 315/80 and 315/70). The 315/70 stands out in the offer, particularly popular with waste recycling operators as it can be used on normal road trucks maintaining a good ground clearance. Two additional sizes, 385/65 and 445/65, marked Omnitrac MST II for trailers, complete the range. Soon the entire will be available  not only as replacements, as is already the case, but also as OEMs. The idea is that customers will be able to have the same casings they deliver retreaded, or leave their casings and collect tires retreaded on other casings. 


Lifetime guarantee

Thanks to the technologies previously described and a robust sidewall, Goodyear provides a guarantee against accidental damage; compensation can be claimed through the website besides ensuring the retreadability of the casings (essential in this industry, where 100% of the tires are retreaded). The warranties are included in the price and available to any buyer, regardless of the size of the fleet. The resilience of these tires has been tested over nine million kilometres in all operating conditions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.




The four drivers of the Petronas De Rooy Iveco team, aim for the podium in the Dakar 2019, which  started on January 6th in Lima, Peru. Gerard De Rooy has already clinched two Dakars and an Africa Eco Race, last year Federico Villagra contented the victory right to the end and Ton van Genutgen won four stages while Maurik van denHeuvel, the team's newest addition, is also an experienced contender. The four Iveco Powerstars called upon to cope with the Peruvian sands will be equipped with standard tires: the extremely robust Goodyear Ord. Even the Omnitrac will be put through their paces as they equip the support vehicles of the team, still Iveco, although strictly standard models.




Matteo Berti, with more than a decade of experience in the world of industrial fleets and retreaded tires, is the new head of Goodyear Italia's Commercial Business Unit. The Genoese manager was appointed last July.

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