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Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to present the latest addition to its RINGTREAD “MIX” family, the product range created to meet the needs of users in the on/off segment. Blackline MIX202 is an innovative pattern designed for use on the drive axle of vehicles operating in mixed road/quarry applications requiring high mileage in very demanding conditions. This new pattern significantly improves the features of the designs of previous generation RINGTREADs like the MIX101 and MIX100, thanks to a tread depth of 22 mm and a Blackline compound able to guarantee above average mileage. Furthermore, MIX202 is a non-directional profile, which reduces the risk of incorrect fitting and ensures a greater flexibility of use. Blackline MIX202 is a drive-axle design featuring a pattern with open shoulders and large transversal blocks, and a new and innovative sipe design with a central hole on the shoulder block, ensuring ideal cooling of the block during service; this helps to minimize heat generation and contributes to longer casing and tread life. The tread pattern ensures a proper transfer of forces due to the presence of the transversal tread blocks and reinforcing bridges. This means higher resistance to impacts and to chafing against rocks/stones, allowing greater stability on soft ground (mud). Finally, this new tread pattern is a 3PMSF marked product, suitable for winter usage. Blackline MIX202 is available for retreading tires size 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5.

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