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Marangoni, raw material prices on a "hike"

Starting from the first of July 2018, the Marangoni Retreading Systems division increased the sales prices of its retreading goods and materials throughout Europe. This increase follows the recent price hike of the main raw materials used in the sector, but it also takes into account the current conditions of the entire industrial tire replacement market.

Following the decision of the European Commission to impose anti-dumping taxes on new and retreaded truck and bus tires (TBR) imported from China, prices of these latter products have been rising significantly already, and this resulted in a repositioning of all the products present on the market.

TBR imports from China, says Marangoni, have damaged the local European industry and this has led to a dramatic loss in sales volume and jobs. With these new tariffs, fair competition is re-established, but the entire supply chain is called upon to restore fair and sustainable price levels and generate the necessary profitability to secure a future to all the companies in the sector.

For the time being, this increase follows the recent price hike of raw materials and will consist of around € 0.15/kg in all countries throughout Europe. In addition to the increase dated 1 July 2018, Marangoni will eventually have to reconsider its position in the EU market. This should take place during the third quarter of the year with a further increase of up to 6 euro per tire.

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