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Mak is ready to launch the innovative Mak 2019 range, Midlands, the alloy wheel dedicated to the style of Land/Range Rovers and Volvos that is perfectly compatible with the original bolts and hubcaps. This new-entry perfectly suits the lines of the trendiest SUVs of the moment, enhancing their style without being overwhelming. Maintaining the family feeling is essential for Mak, which always aims at refined, but at the same time, feisty design. Land Rover, Range Rover and Volvo have always stood out for their special and attractive design solutions, which this model adapts to in an exemplary way. Five double and slightly asymmetric spokes define the design of Midlands, which looks elegant and dynamic while at the same time guaranteeing strength and solidity. A design inspired by slim, sporty and eye-catching shapes, perfect, for example, for the new Evoque due to come out in March, to give it a more original and aggressive look with bigger rims suitable for the upcoming good weather. The spring is also the right time to display more impressive and refined finishes. Midlands comes in Silver, always chic and classy; Black Mirror, feistier thanks to the brilliant polish of the spoke surface, and, lastly, Matte Black, the special colour that will give the vehicle a totally customised look that is full of character. Having overcome the fear of damaging them due to ice and snow, purchasing is more emotional with the choice of a wheel with a more refined design that will further improve vehicle aesthetics and increase the admiration of enthusiasts. The entire range boasts Nad homologation, a confirmation of the maximum requirements of quality and reliability. Midlands is available in sizes 8x20”, 8.5x20”, 8.5x21” and, lastly, 9.5x21”.

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