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Renault Service Network


Motrio service centers can rely, beside dedicated training programs for their employees, on a concrete support from Renault Italia on issues such as, for example, garage equipment standards, but also as a “collective purchasing group”

Paolo Ferrini

Motrio, a Service Network managed by the Renault Group, provides the public with a wide range of spare parts and professional products. Nowadays, Motrio can count on roughly 65 multi-brand service centers distributed on the whole national territory, all benefitting from a dedicated selection of parts, Renault’s high level logistics and a 24 hour delivery service.

A new, modern and simple logo, not to mention a new slogan “Car service all the way”, have been introducing customers to Motrio’s world for some time now, and consequently to the entire automotive supply chain: from production to distribution all the way to the service network. “This new, modern identity, along with a greater involvement of the manufacturer with our brand, will provide our network with the best tools to become a benchmark in the multi-brand after sales market in Italy” said Valter Angiolillo, Renault Italia After-Sales Director.

Created in 1998 to gain new and greater market shares in the technical assistance sector and multi-brand spare parts sales exploiting also a European network established in 2002, Motrio is now active in 11 European countries and a further 40 around the world with as many as 1.500 service centers where customers are made aware of Renault’s strategies towards multi-brand vehicle owners and older Renault and Dacia models. We are looking at about a thousand different vehicles from 40 equally different manufacturers.

“The expansion of the Motrio brand experienced an acceleration in recent years thanks to a wider offer” continues Angiolillo “able to offer the client a complete range of parts designed to cover all maintenance needs, wear and tear as well as mechanical parts (engines and transmissions excluded): filters, road handling, brakes, cooling systems, clutch and exhaust systems”. The result is that now, with over 40 product families and more than 6.000 items, which include a number of universal products such as engine oil, batteries, wipers, headlamps, fluids and liquids, Motrio is in the position to perform almost any maintenance and service operation on a wide range of vehicles, offering the best quality/price ratio. Furthermore, in order to address the needs of “older” Renault and Dacia clients, Motrio now offers a dedicated range of tires for cars, vans and light trucks which can be adapted also to other vehicles.

“Motrio spare parts guarantee quality and efficiency” highlights Angiolillo. “The final cost saving for the client, which we estimate in the region of 35% if compared to original parts, can be primarily justified by an increased standardization of spare parts, more important now on the after-sales market compared to original parts, with a choice of materials that is far more congruent with the actual use of the vehicles, especially Renault models that are 5 or more years old as well as vehicles of other brands that are 3 or more years old”.

Motrio service centers can rely, besides dedicated training programs for their employees, on a concrete support from Renault Italia on issues such as, for example, garage equipment standards, but also as a “collective purchasing group”, thus benefitting from particularly favorable economic conditions.

“The general public in Italy has positively accepted our proposal, as shown by the double digit growth, year after year, in terms of sales and turnover” sums up Sandro Scopel, Renault Italia Mechanics Business Manager. “All this hasn’t really surprised us, considering that our medium term goal is to double the current business volumes”. 

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