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GfK data relates to the trend of these two segments during the first six months of the year and show a slight decline in sales volumes, especially due to a down-swing recorded during the month of June

GfK - Analisi di mercato

Motorbike and scooter tires sell-out in the first semester of 2016 recorded a slight decline both in terms of units sold (-1,3%) and turnover (-1,7%).

This is what emerged from a recent study performed by GfK, market and consumer research leader. After launching a survey on Automotive (Cars, 4x4s/SUVs and vans) and Transport tires (both New and Retreads), from 2014 GfK started collecting sell-out data in the Motorbike and Scooter segments as well. The survey is performed on a monthly basis and as always specialized retailers are monitored by GfK.

Taking a closer look at these figures, it’s evident that the trend in sales volumes for both Motorcycles and scooters was consistently positive from January to May before a dramatic slump took place in June - the second most important period of the year - with a double digit drop over the same month of 2015.

Looking at the twelve months running from July 2015 to June 2016, it’s clear how both the Scooter and Motorbike segments (the sum of On-Road, Off-Road and ON/OFF Road tires) recorded sell-out volumes in equal measures, each with a 50% market share.

On the contrary, the first six months of 2016 rewarded the Motorbike segment, which took a 55% share of the market as opposed to the 45% recorded by scooters during the same period.

These figures were further confirmed by the trends recorded by both segments during the first semester: with Motorbikes growing by approximately 3%, while Scooters continue to struggle and score another negative result (-6%). The next few months, until  autumn, will be crucial, and will show whether the scooter’s broader seasonality will help the segment back to positive figures before the end of the year.

Competition between brands deserves a final consideration. Unlike what happens in the automotive sector, the tire industry for Motorcycles and Scooters is characterized by a strong presence of premium brands. In both segments, imports still play a subordinate role on the market, although their presence in the Scooter segment  is starting to be rather significant.



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