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Energy Tyres Italian distributor of Falken

Energy Tyres continues the national distribution of the sports brand Falken through  Falken Points and dedicated promotion and advertising initiatives. 

Duilio Damiani

A year has barely passed since the formation of Energy Tyres and that set forth to its natural evolution, consolidating its goals and growth strategies. The Italian Group, with its headquarters in Asti, was set up by four national distributors with common goals. It is the only distributor of the  Falken Brand in Italy and is supported by the European top management of Falken Tyre Europe, (part of Falken Tyre Corporation, brand, the colossal Japanese brand Sumitomo from whom it was bought in 2003) headquartered in Offenbach am Main in Germany. Despite the fact that this company is relatively new - founded in 1983 in Japan from Ohtsu Tire and Rubber - thanks to Sumitomo’s continuous investments in research and development, a range of modern and well-articulated products has been quickly created a, for cars, SUVs, 4x4s and commercial vehicles, through which Falken has been able to quickly emerge as a tyre producer with sport connotations. Image have been attained thanks to the participation in international motor events and the continued presence of its own team  in endurance races, among which, the renowned 24 Hour of Nurburgring and the continental Drifting Championship.


Italian-German synergy 

The recent constant growth of Falken in the last few years, in a complex and ever-changing Italian market, affected by a significant contraction and combined with the growth of emerging brands, has laid the foundations for the creation of new channels and more efficient marketing strategies, in order to maintain the results so far obtained and resisting the unfavourable economic situation.

In the eye of a lively brand that is still not yet known on a large scale (even if it has been present in Europe since the late 1980’s, the Falken brand boosted on the Italian market just recently), the recent policy takes into account the continuous synergy among the firms committed to its consolidation on the Italian market: firstly the installers, constantly informed about the latest product developments; Energy Tyres that deals with the commercialization on the national territory; the FTE (Falken Tyre Europe) Top European management, actively interested in a stronger growth, supported by an updated catalogue in line with the  expectations of demanding and well-informed customers, like the Italians are.

FK453 of the Azenis range, the result of a wide experience in the most important motor competitions, it is the most recent highly performing product able to fully represent  the Falken philosophy, combining qualities of authentic ultra-high performance with comfort and manageability. It is made in a limited series of sizes from 17 to 22 inches, and goes hand in hand with the FK453CC for larger 4x4 and high performance sport utility vehicles, available for wheels from 17 to 20 inches. High quality products that make up a comprehensive  offer for summer, winter and all-seasons.


Four companies for Italy   

Four entites set up the Pietmont company: Astigiana Gomme that deals with the distribution in the North-west of Italy, Tagliabue Gomme Gross for the North-east, Farnese Pneumatici for the central regions and Global Tyres which covers the South and the main islands.

Ms. Daniela Bolla,  the managing director appointed by Energy Tyres Srl, which marked its first year in January, explains: “The partners hold shares in equal parts and share the distributing strategic project of the Falken brand. The new company is developing its operational phase and the collaboration among partners is proving to be very effective. Firstly, because they are able to cover the whole territory and secondly because they agree upon the necessity of developing the project, taking care of all the essential phases with the aim to consolidate in time a national network that guarantees a 360° service.”

Among the first decisive actions carried out by the newly-formed company is the creation of a network of affiliated and branded resellers called Falken Point. With 148 specialised sales points, the Falken Point network benefits from the direct support of the Energy Tyres headquarters, in constant contact with the German management of Falken Tire Europe. This has been reinforced by the recent arrival of Thomas Fatho to the marketing team, and can count on strategies and uniform guidelines for all of the national territory.

The identification of these sales points present throughout Italy, is assigned to a personalised graphic, distinguished by the company’s colours: white/red/light blue, by specific Falken Corner, with luminous banners and information brochures, as well as by a wide range of technical clothing. All this is further compounded by the recent promotional activities that have taken place on a national and regional level. A prime example are the TV advertisements raising awareness of the Falken campaign. Over the course of ten, first division, football matches from the 6th January the adverts will publicise the Falken brand on the Sky TV channel. Ongoing projects on the Internet platform and social media will further support the Falken Point, through a specific Falken Italy portal (parallel to the international one

The website will serve the task of communicating to users, with clear messages and products profiles.

No shortage of offer for videogames fan with the presence of the brand in very popular titles, including the Grand Tourism series available on the main consoles, as well as the unedited PC game Raceroom Racing Experience Competition (which can be downloaded for free at where one can be in the shoes of the fast racing car drivers of the Falken team, without any risk.

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