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Large fines for non-homologated tyres

A press release issued by Federpneus is a reminder about important changes to the Highway Code (amended with Law 120/2010) that will impede the phenomenon of non-homologated tyres. The law provides for heavy fines not only for drivers, but also for those who import, manufacture or sell non-homologated tyres.
Based on the combined provisions of articles 72 and 77 of the Code, drivers face a fine from 80 to 318 euros in addition to the seizure of the component or the entire vehicle. The vehicle is released (at the driver's expense) when the non-homologated component has been removed.
For those who import, manufacture or sell, article 77 provides for a fine from 779 to 3,119 euros. Also in this case, the fine is in addition to the confiscation of the non-homologated tyres, even if they are mounted (as well as other devices essential for safety such as brake systems, retention devices and safety belts).
What could happen to drivers who, in good or bad faith, circulate with non-homologated tyres? If stopped by the police, the tyres could be seized and subsequently confiscated. The Ministry of the Interior, Federpneus says, has issued a circular in which it "suggests" that the entities carrying out the checks "notwithstanding the various provisions that may be issued by provincial police departments, should seize and confiscate non-homologated or non-approved devices only where it is technically possible without prejudice to vehicle safety and compatible with the times and methods of the service". Otherwise, the entire vehicle will be seized. Lastly, it should be remembered that tyres are one of the devices subject to inspection during road worthiness checks.

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