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Hyper-technological and connected, these lifts and aligners, entirely made in Italy combine simplicity and speed with cutting-edge technology. Used together, they simplify work and guarantee greater precision

Massimo Condolo

A fully automated measuring system is the best way to ensure a suitable setup smoothly and quickly. The combination of two brand new Omcn tools, the Xline lift and the Vision 3D aligner go precisely in this direction, offering garages an easy-to-use, always-perfect system thanks to auto-calibration capability.


Cutting-edge technology

Levelling a lift platform is a major issue when it comes to wheel alignment system. A workshop’s floor is hardly perfectly levelled, unless the floor is new or found in more advanced markets such as ours, while in older premises or in emerging European markets this might be more difficult. The Xline auto-calibration system, based on a PLC system that receives signals from inclinometers, solves this problem: once the first calibration is made during installation, this remains in memory as a theoretical zero point, from which the movements of each single piston, both for the lift and the jacking beams, are precisely calculated in order to guarantee perfectly aligned platforms. The lift’s cutting-edge technology, as well as its advanced connectivity 4.0, have enabled the Bergamo based company to create a remote-controlled version that falls perfectly within the 250% super-amortization scheme, a rare feature on equipment that includes mechanical parts too. The mechanical and electronic design are protected by a triple A European patent, guaranteeing the total originality of the basic idea. The Xline is also suitable for commercial vehicles such as, for example, the Volkswagen Crafter's long wheel-base version.


A sturdy yet polished alignment system

Vision 3D is a three-dimensional electronic measuring system with two high-definition cameras. The small optical targets mounted on self-centring aluminium supports, are completely passive (hence difficult to damage), light and easy to install. Suitable for 12 to 24" rims, their design prevents deformation in the event of an accidental fall. Thanks to the automatic tracking system during lift, the cameras will automatically position themselves to ensure the targets a perfect line of vision; measurements, therefore, can be performed at any height. Additionally, the optical system works also with very little light as well as in a reduced amount of space, typical with many tire operators working in city centres. The database, boasting more than 55,000 car models, can quickly identify brand, model and version, and immediately recall the data needed for the different settings. Installed on a 4600 mm lift, the system can measure a wide range of vehicles from a Smart to big SUVs like an Audi Q7.


So many sizes and a huge databank

The software is not limited to providing the characteristic alignment angles of the wheels (total and single wheel alignment, camber angle, set back, caster angle, steering axis inclination, toe out on turns, axle offset) but includes also body dimensions, most important in evaluating the vehicle's safety status, such as crossed diagonals, wheel-base, rolling radius of the wheels, or wheel track. The software is simple and intuitive and leads the operator (not necessarily an expert) through a step-by-step procedure designed to minimize the possibility of errors; operations are guided by LED signals located on the cameras. The hardware is made up of a personal computer with Windows operating system equipped with a 27" monitor for easy viewing (even from a workstation located at quite a distance from the PC) and a colour printer. The unit weighs 310 kg and the run-out angle is 20°, with a shortened thrust system that reduces vehicle movement and allows for the use of short platforms. Camber, caster angles and maximum turning angles (which takes place without the use of electronic turn plates) is direct. Vision 3D is supplied as standard with target clamps, steering wheel lock and brake blocks. Premium series turning plates are optional.



Almost sixty and counting

Founded in 1958, Omcn specializes in hydraulic and mechanical components for garage and lifting equipment of all types and sizes, and a new range of tire equipment, such as tire changers, aligners and balancing machines, developed over the last two tears, with the aim of providing a complete line of product for the tire sector. The complete tire equipment line, after the official launch at Automechanica 2016, has finally arrived on the international market; to be further expanded during this year's Equip Auto.



Affordable premium range

An 8 CCD cameras aligner completes Omcn’s offer in this sector. It is a device that combines excellent reliability with a fairly good value for money ratio and an advanced feedback system. The aligner takes advantage of 8 CCD cameras for vehicle side-to-side measurement, extra-light crash-proof aluminium sensors and equipped with “smart-charging” lithium battery; radio signal is sent at a 2.4 GHz frequency. Like the 3D, it likewise offers an easy run-out system, a user-friendly software with simple graphics, wheel-base and wheel track direct measurements, and an alignment system with fully steered wheels for easy access to the front axle mechanical parts. Suitable also for truck wheels. The kit does not include a computer; the software comes in a memory stick and requires a license for each PC used. The device works with a PC or tablet with 32 or 64 bit Windows 7, 8, or 10 systems. As standard, self-centring clamps, two 16 unit sets of 45 and 81.5 mm rods, a brake-block and a steering wheel lock are also supplied.

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