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The tire Specialist of tomorrow


The historic Verona-based company has moved to a new and avant-guard location, designed to delight its customers with the highest level of service, displaying a clear vision of tomorrow's tire repair work: above all quality and expertise 

Guido Gambassi

Lazzarini Pneuservice, a historic company based in Verona, which celebrated its 50th anniversary back in 2015, opened its new headquarters in Via Germania last October: 7,000 square metres 5,000 of which are covered, housing a facility dedicated to all-round assistance. In fact, in addition to regular tire changing operations and light mechanical assistance for cars, motorcycles and LCVs, the company has recently set up an independent MOT tests ground for cars and motorcycles, a large area dedicated to truck services, with additional services for the drivers such as showers and a relaxation area, an external self-service car wash open 24 hours a day, and obviously its huge and modern tire warehouse. All in collaboration with Bridgestone, Lazzarini’s partner.


An important investment for the company founded in 1965 by Gabriele Lazzarini, and now managed by the managing director Gianmatteo Scapini. For this new course, Pneuservice has decided to focus increasingly on quality and completeness of service, notice for example the choice to install in the workshop a grid for washing rims, something that is carried out by default on all cars after maintenance and repair works, and the presence in the facility of a bar where customers can relax, a small playground for kids, a multifunction room for meetings and events of different kinds, a Wi-Fi connection, all to make the clients feel at home.


The new headquarters represent a bridge between the services previously carried out in the two warehouses located via Francia and via Salisburgo, and was built following all the precepts of modern sustainable solutions, as shown by the 65 kilowatts 400 square metres of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, as well as a low-energy automatic lighting system, a RainHarvest system and a state-of-the-art purifier besides recharging stations for electric vehicles.

Innovation is evident also in working procedures: Pneuservice now employs a process that thanks to automatic tire lifting allows operators to optimize productivity and reduce physical stress.

Great attention was also placed in scheduling daily activities, in search for maximum operational efficiency. As Gianmatteo Scapini explains, all the vehicle acceptance and delivery system is the result of a careful study on work flows, and was designed to avoid to move the vehicles in reverse or other awkward manoeuvres: with around one hundred vehicles accessing the premises each day, this translates into an estimated saving of 2,000 working hours per year, which means greater efficiency and less waiting times for the customers. In addition, all incoming cars are subjected to a pre-alignment test carried out automatically by in-floor equipment, always with a view to increasing the quality of the service speeding up operations at the same time.

Great attention was also placed on servicing trucks, and in fact, it no coincidence that the new premises are located near the Verona logistics hub, which generates a good 70% of Pneuservice's total turnover: in addition to having a dedicated front office, the truck area occupies a large shed equipped with a 22-metre pit, perfect for working on two vehicles at the same time; furthermore, the company offers 24/7 truck assistance service - able to operate anywhere thanks to 6 vans, 3 of which are mobile workshops – as well as an axle alignment and pre-overhaul service. The showers and the refreshment area for drivers complete the offer.

The inauguration of the structure took place over three days: the opening night, October 6, was dedicated to large transport fleets, Lazzarini’s regular customers, and local “opinion leaders”; on the 7th, all customers were invited, while Sunday 8th was a real "open door" event also advertised in the local press. On the evening dedicated to transport fleets, MD Gianmatteo Scapini welcomed the guests and introduced them to Lazzarini Pneuservice’s philosophy: "The Dream, History, Team and Services behind the company", he said. "The Dream, pursued with tenacity, to create a modern and groundbreaking outlet. Our History, which began way back in 1943, and has allowed us to become a true benchmark locally. The Team, without which all this would not have been possible. Services to private customers and larger fleets, which have always distinguished our offer."

We spoke with the founder Gabriele Lazzarini, who told us how this important investment, aimed at diversifying the offer and quality of service at the same time, besides boosting the company’s image is the perfect reflection of Lazzarini’s concept of the retailer's work. "We have created the new structure, with the future of our category clear in mind," explains Lazzarini. "The technological growth of the automotive industry, the recent developments in the retail and assistance market, the rapid changes taking place, are compelling us to invest in order to confirm our role and our competitiveness, focusing on a broader range of services for the same customers thus promoting customer loyalty, and expertise, which is the real added value for a tire specialist. An increasing number of connected cars are already running on our roads, not to mention highly sophisticated on-board assist devices and cameras. Whoever performs an alignment nowadays must be prepared to work with cameras too, or you’ll soon be out of the market. This is truly an epoch-making revolution, and no longer just a matter of simply fitting four tires. That's why our goal is to guarantee all-round efficiency. When in 1999, we were among the first companies in our sector to obtain an ISO 9002 certification, many of our colleagues did not understand the reason behind it. We need to be ready to question ourselves, to try to improve our performance, carefully observing what is happening and could still happen in the market over the next decade or so."

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