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Kleber has been present on the agricultural tire market in Europe for a long time and has recently launched its new Lugker tire for telescopic loaders used by farmers and in the construction industry. Professional farmers, grain growers, cooperatives etc. need robust, stable, precise and economical telescopic loaders to carry out their daily work. The tire is an essential component in ensuring good mobility. The new Kleber Lugker provides a concrete response to the technical and economic needs of the sector. The Lugker benefits from very rigid sidewalls that limit the deformation of the tire under heavy loads, improving the level of precision during lifting and transport operations. The tread has been designed to facilitate traction on soft ground by “exploiting” a good distribution of pressure over the entire contact area. The bar angle has been designed to optimise the balance between traction on soft ground and the need for lateral stability ensuring also a regular tread wear. The use of two metal crown plies favours durability and puncture resistance. Cédric Lecoester, Product Marketing Manager at Kleber, says: "Lugker is Kleber’s solution for telescopic machines on farms. It is an excellent reference in its field for its quality/price ratio, offering all quality normally associated with the Kleber brand". Kleber Lugker, the latest effort of the brand, has been on the market in Italy since September 2019 in the following sizes: 400/70R20 TL 149A8/149B IND, 460/70R24 TL 159A8/159B IND and 500/70R24 TL 164A8/164B IND.

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