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Italy in second place for road transport

In 2010, road transport in Italy stood at 91% of the total volume of transported goods. In the classification of the five major European countries, Italy is in second place after Spain, which has the highest share of road transport at 96.6%. They are followed by Great Britain (86.7%), France (81%) and Germany (67%).
The figures are based on Eurostat, Istat and Anfia data processed by the Autopromotec Observatory, the Autopromotec research structure.
The survey also compared the total volume of goods transported by road in the five major European countries in 2010. Germany had the greatest volume at 313,104 million tonne-km, i.e. the tonnes of goods transported times the kilometres travelled, followed by Spain (210,068 million), France (182,193 million), Italy (167,.627 million) and Great Britain (139,536).
According to the Autopromotec Observatory, the predominance of road transport throughout Europe is mainly due to the fact that, compared to other methods, it continues to ensure greater flexibility as it is not restricted by fixed times and hours in the same way as air, rail or river transport.
In Italy, the vast use of road transport is determined not only by its geophysical characteristics but also by a lack of internal networks for fluvial transport, which, on the contrary, are very efficient and well developed in France and Germany. In Italy, road transport has to cope with high levels of congestion and the state of the infrastructures, the number and quality of which are all too often inadequate.
Vehicles in circulation
In this country, road transport services are guaranteed by 4,898,566 vehicles (trucks for goods and special materials and tractors). A comparison of the number of transport vehicles in the five major European countries in 2010 put France in first place with 6,444,000 vehicles, followed by Spain (5,365,911), Italy (4,898,566), Great Britain (4,220,455) and Germany, which had “only” 2,959,625 vehicles due also to the introduction in 2007 of a new monitoring system. A total of 23.9 million vehicles which, according to the Autopromotec Observatory, emphasizes the importance of the technological innovation that has been taking place throughout the sector also from the point of view of consumption and the reduction of emissions. It is because road hauliers are asked to make this commitment to innovation at an economically difficult moment that in 2011 Autopromotec introduced the “Autopromotec Industrial Vehicles Service”, an initiative aimed at giving ample visibility to all the firms in the supply chain for servicing transport vehicles: from spare parts makers to equipment manufacturers, to maintenance and repair structures, to the suppliers of software and advanced technological solutions for containing costs and optimizing the efficiency of the road transport sector.
This commitment will be given even more importance at the next edition of Autopromotec in Bologna from 22 to 26 May 2013.

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