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At Autopromotec 2019, Italmatic, a company that manufactures and distributes consumables for tyre mounting and servicing, presented the new generation of TPMS universal sensor, italsensor 3.0evo. It was conceived thanks to expertise and investments in the TPMS sector and features the use of innovative technologies to simplify the work of the tyre specialist, optimise processes in industrial wheel assembly contexts, and offer excellent value for money. Italsensor 3.0evo integrates three different programming techniques in the same product: it can be configured in about 3 seconds (the protocols are already memorised in the sensor); it can be programmed in the traditional method, in about 20 seconds, and is never obsolete; it is Fit&Go, in other words, ready for installation without any programming in a selection of Mercedes and BMW vehicles. The sensor is supported by the main programming tools like ATEQ VT56, for example. In September 2019 Italmatic will expand italsensor 3.0evo with the exclusive SmartTouch function used for the first time on the TPMS market, which allows the sensor to be programmed in milliseconds, simply by passing an Android smartphone in front of it, or with Windows. The SmartTouch function uses the same technology (NFC) now regularly adopted for credit cards. In addition to guaranteeing imperceptible programming times, this technology totally eliminates the risk of interference typical of programming traditional sensors. Italsensor 3.0evo is available with three different assembled valves: rubber, aluminium, black. italsensor 3.0evo has maximum coverage levels (99%) and is the ideal solution in terms of technological content, quality and price, to meet the after-market needs of cars in Europe.

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