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Italian automotive equipment: revenues +20%, exports 69%

3,607 million euros was the total of revenues by Italian manufacturers of equipment for vehicle repair shops in 2010, an increase compared to the previous year of almost 20%. The Italian automotive equipment segment (represented by AICA, the Italian Association of Manufacturers of Auto Equipment) has totally overcome the problems of 2009 and is once again projected towards growth on markets in Italy and abroad. In 2010, the value of Italy’s auto equipment exports totalled  over 2,489 million euros, equivalent to 69% of turnover.
Specifically, there is strong interest in auto equipment by countries where mass motorization is taking off now or in the recent past and there is a need for essential infrastructures like repair shops. In new car markets, there are excellent opportunities for development in the auto equipment sector. However, it should be emphasized that there are interesting prospects in mature markets, including Italy. The crisis of recent years slowed down vehicle replacements and this increased  the demand for maintenance and repairs and, as a consequence, for auto equipment, but the economic situation apart, there are also structural reasons that determine good market conditions for auto equipment, even in countries where motorization is advanced or mature.
For the latter markets (but not just for them) the automobile industry is particularly committed to product innovation, which tends to improve the offer from the point of view of comfort, safety and pollution containment with the aim, obviously, of stimulating the replacement of the vehicles in circulation that are not always very old. The technological evolution of the car naturally means continual adaptations not only in terms of servicing, but also with regard to operator training and equipment.

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