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Intec presents the new Scangrip Uv-Gun made for fast and efficient curing of UV cured primers and body fillers

Intec, a Turin-based company specializing in the distribution of automotive products and accessories, presents the new Scangrip UV-GUN designed to enrich the Scangrip Uv Curing series, a family that combines the most advanced technology of LED lights with high capacity batteries. This range consists of specific products for the rapid drying of all types of fillers, primers and paints, through cold Uv Led technology, which is known for its compact size, practicality, robustness and design. The new Uv-Gun lamp is produced with high quality components and is equipped with an active cooling system that allows its continuous use for many hours, maintaining a high level of performance. Moreover, in the curing process, no heat is produced and this allows to dry any heat-sensitive material, such as plastic parts, which would otherwise risk deformation. The new Uv-Gun lamp is powered by a high efficiency battery, which guarantees extensive working periods, besides an innovative and exclusive concept of multiple power supply, i.e. interchangeable batteries and mains. Thanks to this system, Uv-Gun can be powered by the supplied Sps battery, a charge indicator will inform us of the remaining working time. If the battery is flat, you can power the lamp through the main power supply. The Scangrip UV-GUN lamp is compact and can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -10°C to +40°C. It is equipped with a solvent resistant glass lens.

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