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Inspections: signing of MCTCnet2 experimental protocol

At the Ministry of Transport on 6 October a protocol of understanding was signed by the Ministry of Transport, Aica, CNA and Confartigianato, the contents of which are highly innovative from the point of view of correct relationships between public administration, companies and citizens. The occasion was the implementation of the MCTCNet2 system that has been designed to make vehicle inspection checks more effective and fraud more difficult.
The aims of the signatories to the agreement are to make a proactive contribution to road safety and sustainable mobility, improve the state of vehicles in circulation through more efficient and effective inspection procedures with particular reference to the new MCTCNet2 protocol, and promote the culture and practice of quality procedures by private inspection centres.
The initiative is inspired by the general principle of having a constructive dialogue between national trade associations, workshops and equipment manufacturers and the institutions in order to foster an aware and fully receptive attitude to the new ideas introduced by the new MCTCNet2 protocol, the purpose of which is the implementation of secure and objective inspections governed by established standards.
The signatories therefore agree about the appropriateness and need to carry out widespread actions to inform inspection centres in order that they fully understand the inspection system and its procedures that are to be carried out in accordance with the principles of transparency and objectivity; as to this, the automotive equipment manufacturers' associations will implement an adequate awareness-raising campaign addressed to their members. Specifically, given that MCTCNet2 is a very advanced system, before it is proposed to about 6,000 inspection operators, it will be experimented on some testing lines that will simulate the actual operating conditions in an inspection centre. Software and data transmission will also be verified to ensure that MCTCNet2 has been in operation before being placed on the market.
The protocol has the support of the entire supply chain: authorities, equipment manufacturers, software firms and centre operators.

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