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Beside the headquarters located in Fornacette, the heart of the Tuscan dealer, a new retail and assistance center was recently opened in Livorno, where Aeolus is the absolute protagonist

Duilio Damiani

One of the best-known names in the tire industry. The historic Tuscan company confirms its leading role in the tire distribution sector  - including original equipment and replacements – ranging from farming to industrial as well as earth movers, not to mention passenger cars and heavy transport vehicles. And now, after opening its new center in Livorno, Intergomma aims to run at the forefront of the retail sector too, offering its services directly to the public, as well as to professionals gravitating around the Tuscan maritime center as a strategic link between freight and handling.



Deep roots and sight firmly set on the future. The dual core business, though, remains the same, Original Equipment, assembling and supplying of entire wheel units destined to farming and industrial machines, flanked by an equal interest in replacements, being able to cover, with its current catalog, the widest range of products, from 4 to 42 inches. 

"Thanks to stable agreements with some of the industry’s largest manufacturers ...", confirms Alessandro Falleri, head of the Original Equipment sector, "... we can guarantee, in real time, the totally assembled unit to be introduced in the production lines. Intergomma can respond quickly to the needs of the industry thanks to its supply service based on the Kan-Ban system (Japanese term for just-in-time, created by Toyota), ensuring immediate response times to the changing production needs of our partners, promptly supplying them with the suitable component freeing them from the hassles of storage and warehousing".

Despite the recent downturn in the industry, the farming sector, traditionally rooted in a country like Italy, is providing signs of recovery, thanks to hefty investments by some of the sector’s most representative companies, as shown for example by Maschio Gaspardo, a producer of farming equipment and an Intergomma partner since the early 90's, which recently acquired other foreign brands, with a variety of machines dedicated to farming as a whole, from field preparation and sowing to harvesting. Furthermore, the Multi-purpose Tire segment, in which Intergomma has always been a leader in supplying OE and complete wheels to manufacturers, ranging from 22.5 to 25", saw the Tuscan group strike major agreements with some premium brands in the industry, such as Dieci, Magni and Manitou just to name a few in the increasingly articulated replacement tire market.


NEW FRONTIER                                                      

In a period marked by unfavorable economic conditions, Intergomma’s new commercial challenge focuses on the range of services to be offered, expanding its panorama with hefty investments in both logistics and sales, as well as broad-ranging agreements. Its acquisition, in 1997, of the exclusive national distribution rights of Aeolus products, part of the ChemChina group, did not go unnoticed, as the expansionist strategy of the group hit the news, and the market with its large and articulated catalog dedicated to earth-moving tires, both light and heavy duty transport vehicles and cars.  

“Investing today, given the difficulties experienced by the market in general....,” says Giacomo Rossi, “means giving an important signal to customers, building solid foundations for meeting the challenges of the future, expanding , both in quantity and quality, the range of services dedicated to businesses and individuals alike.While OE products are still suffering from the recent crisis, with tentative signs of recovery, the replacement market is giving us great satisfactions, especially in sectors such as heavy transport, industrial machinery and trailers, not to mention port cargo handling vehicles, while cars still represent the natural completion of a commercial sector that sees the tire being the absolute protagonist".

These are some of the reasons that led to the opening, last October, of Intergomma’s sales and service center in Livorno, the first Italian flagship store under the Aeolus brand, in which, besides the booming premium Asian brand, motorists can find all the main tire ranges on the market, from cars to truck, from premium to low-cost, increasingly familiar thanks to thorough advertising and promotional campaigns, with great investments on advertising in newspapers and local television stations, aimed at creating a greater awareness and demand directly within the territory.

The new facility, with its 4,500 sqm, 1,500 of which make up the office building and production lines, joins the headquarters’ 40,000 sqm, where 225,000 items are stored on a rotational basis, allowing Intergomma the opportunity to supply its services to large fleets as well as single motorists, not to mention large cargo handling hubs, attracting a new clientele as well as keeping long-standing clients, among which, Container Handlers, huge cranes used to move containers on and off ships, deserve a special mention.




Born in 1967, following a classic eureka moment by Fabio Falorni and Enzo Fornaciari, who happened to be in-laws, after noticing the consistent economic growth of both primary and secondary industrial sectors throughout the 60s and 70s in Tuscany as well as the rest of the country, Intergomma soon established itself as a specialized OE tire supplier for farming, industrial and earth moving machines.

During nearly half a century of activities, Intergomma developed its own important customer base, gradually expanding the areas of interest, with consistently increasing market shares and signing important agreements with premium partners, such as the exclusive distribution of the Aeolus brand for passenger cars, trucks and earthmovers. Intergomma’s historic headquarters, a short distance from Pontedera, near Pisa, built on 40,000 square meters of working area, 15,000 of which are covered, saw the second generation of the family take the helm of the company, represented by Simona Falorni (Fabio’s daughter), Silvia and Serena Fornaciari (Enzo’s daughters), under the watchful eye of the president Fabio Falorni (after his brother in law Enzo Fornaciari passed away in 2011). The company now employs more than 60 workers considering both employees and contractors, managing an average rolling stock of about 225,000 items, able to handle more than 400 orders a day. Certified according to ISO 9001 standards since July 2000, the opening of a new retail store for the public in Livorno, the first Italian flagship store dedicated to the quality Asian brand Aeolus, represents the company’s new approach to the market with a view to further developing the market offers dedicated to industrial and farming machinery, mini excavators, forklifts, light and heavy commercial vehicles keeping an eye on cars, SUVs and 4x4s.

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