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Hella Pagid shows its new hydraulic range in Italy

Hella Pagid, a joint venture between Tmd Friction and Hella and specialising in braking systems, unveiled a complete range of hydraulic components. The more than 2,300 codes range includes core free brake callipers, brake hoses and cylinders, wheel cylinders and brake cables, and is extensive and articulated, covering the most widespread applications in the Italian market, from the most popular city cars to luxury cars and light commercial vehicles. The hydraulic range offered by Hella Pagid is distinguished by the presence of core free brake callipers, i.e. new brake callipers that do not require recovery and casing management, with 112 codes. The Hella Pagid hydraulic range also includes a range of brake hoses with more than 650 codes, which stands out for the high quality of the materials used: the hose is made of a rubber compound with integrated fibre to increase resistance, while the metal part is made of stainless steel, brass or galvanised steel. Hella Pagid's hydraulic range also consists of brake cylinders, available in over 300 codes, and wheel cylinders, with more than 250 codes. Both ranges are made of grey cast iron, steel or aluminium to ensure high strength and durability in accordance with Original Equipment standards. Finally, we find the 750 brake cables with a wide coverage of the European market. With the introduction of the hydraulic range, Hella Pagid completes its braking system offer.

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