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Hankook introduces Dynapro AT2 with 3PMSF markings, the new 4x4 "all-rounder"

With the new Dynapro AT2, a 4x4 tire suitable for various situations and year-round use, Hankook aims to strengthen its position in the off-road segment. With the 3PMSF marking on the sidewall, the latest member of the Dynapro family is also suitable for use in winter conditions. The development objective of this tire was to strike a balance between off-road traction and good road performance. This robust all-rounder is equipped with a double-layer casing and extra-reinforced shoulders for off-road use. A special protective layer under the tread helps to prevent or reduce damage in the belt area, which in combination with the high-strength solid steel belt package ensures excellent road handling on tar road and a rather long life for a product in this segment. The tread pattern of the Dynapro AT2, in combination with the high-dispersion silica tread compound, guarantees adequate water displacement. The tread pattern also has self-cleaning properties. This function ensures that dirt, stones and other objects are ejected efficiently. The aggressive tread pattern, necessary to ensure sufficient grip in off-road conditions, usually leads to a stronger rolling noise as soon as you start driving on the road at slightly higher speeds. To counteract this, the Dynapro AT2 features stepped edge technology and an irregular tread pattern that significantly reduces rolling noise. In addition, the advanced tread compound extends the life of the tire and provides even more mileage than the previous tread. The extra-wide contact patch in combination with the solid steel belt ensures even wear and optimises braking and handling. Water drainage grooves allow shorter braking distances on wet roads compared to its predecessor. The Dynapro AT2 is available in the most common sizes from 15 to 22 inches and speed indexes from R to H, meaning that it can be used on a wide range of vehicles, from compact all-wheel drive SUVs to heavy pickups. This robust tire is available in tread widths from 225 to 325 and cross sections from 45 to 85. The tire will also be fitted as original equipment on Chevrolet and Ford models.

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