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H:01 Coach new generation



The 01 Series bus tires have been designed to comply with emission and noise reduction rules

Francesca Del Bello

Last December Prometeon unveiled the latest Pirelli branded H:01 Coach tires: the FH:01 Coach, an "all round" tire particularly suited for steering axles and the TH:01 drive axle. The new range has been designed by the Research and Development team using the latest Prometeon innovative technologies: the team sought to enhance the tires’ performance in terms of safety, versatility, efficiency and comfort, attempting to meet the needs of operators in the sector and the current evolution of vehicles, called on to comply with the strictest regulations in terms of emissions reduction and noise pollution.

"The H:01 Coach tires are the result of an ongoing search for solutions designed to improve a number of features, consolidating the already high standards in others - said Alexandre Bregantim, Prometeon's chief technical officer -. Our investments go in the direction of enriching the technological package of the 01 Series, through new patents". Prometeon's Series01 was introduced in 2009 and was originally designed for the "Regional" (FR:01 and TR:01) as well as "Trailer" (ST:01) segments; in 2011 the series expanded with the introduction of new models designed for use in critical winter conditions (W:01), in construction sites (G:01) and transport (H:01). All Series 01 tires are equipped with SATT technology, which, thanks to a new belt structure, provides good performance in terms of durability, retreadability and wear resistance. Compounds and treads on the other hand are tailored according to the specific needs required by each application. At the same time, Pirelli's integrated services have been strengthened to support transport operators.

As Bergantim recalls, "recent changes in the curing cycle and the use of special compound reduce the heat produced by the casing while operating, maximizing its durability beyond the tire’s first ‘life’". Going into details, he continued: "The H:01 Coach, with higher mileage, reduced rolling resistance, best class positioning for safety and an even higher load index, confirms Prometeon's desire to offer products and solutions designed for an increasingly efficient and sustainable mobility". In fact, the new series boasts a 10% reduction in terms of rolling resistance, while the tread profile leads to an increase of up to 10% in mileage, compared to the previous version. The tread profile, tailored to suit specific needs, improves the FH:01’s traction on snow by as much as 20% (thanks to the new full depth siping), while the TH:01's groove and siping geometry allows this model to maintain consistent grip and traction performance in wet conditions throughout the life of the tire.

Both the FH:01 and TH:01 lines boast 3PMSF markings, meaning they are suitable for use in winter conditions; both tires, in fact, earned a B rating for wet grip in the European labelling system. As far as noise levels, the FH:01 reaches 68dB, while the TH:01 does slightly worse with 69dB: these parameters work hand in hand with the new and improved tread pattern to guarantee a comfortable ride to both drivers and passengers. The FH:01 Coach range includes sizes 295/80 R 22.5 with load index 156/149M and 315/80 R 22.5 with load index 158/150L, with a front axle load capacity increased to 8.0 t and 8.5 t respectively, in line with the needs of original equipment manufacturers for some of the newest electric and hybrid vehicles. TH:01 Coach, instead, comes in size 295/80 R 22.5, with a load index of 152/148M.


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