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Guardia di Finanza: 52 tons of dangerous tires from China confiscated in Genoa

As part of a widespread monitoring activity on maritime-commercial flows, performed within the port of the Ligurian capital, the 2nd Group of the Guardia di Finanza of Genoa along with officials of the Genoa 2 Customs Agency, have recently seized a considerable quantity of dangerous goods at the Prà Voltri basin.

At the end of direct investigations coordinated by the City’s Public Prosecutor, the Guardia di Finanza and Customs officials have identified and seized 5 containers of tires from China, for a total weight of about 52 tons, destined for a wholesale marketing company based in close proximity to Milan before being distributed throughout Italy via a network of retail tire dealers.

This important requisition of tires bearing false markings and performance indicators, one of the most impressive ever made in Italy, is the result of an on-going activity of contrasting the importation and distribution of goods that do not meet the quality and safety standards set by the National regulatory framework.

The confiscated tires contained not only false manufacturing information, bearing dates that were actually later than the real production in order to alter and postpone their validity date, but went even as far as certifying levels of performance efficiency not in the least corresponding to the facts; a complex marketing fraud whereby tires, declared suitable for any weather conditions, do not, in reality, guarantee even the minimum safety requirements when it comes to driving on wet roads or in adverse weather conditions.

The director of the National Association of Rubber Industry (Assogomma), was quick to underline the exceptional nature of the operation carried out by the Guardia di Finanza and the Customs Agency stating: "The requisition made is the first example, at international level, of a load of tires bearing a false production date: something that, besides bordering counterfeiting practices, constitutes an element of danger for road safety".

Both the Guardia di Finanza and the Customs Agency reported the legal representative of the Lombardy based wholesaler, whose illicit business would have yielded a profit of about 1.2 million euro, to the Judicial Authority of the Ligurian capital, and are now carrying out further investigations in previous similar shipments in order to verify the dangers posed by such practices or  the impact that this fraudulent phenomenon has on the National market as a whole.

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