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Autumn is a transitional season leading straight to winter. Shorter days, cooler temperatures and an unstable weather pattern are enough to prompt many to go from enjoying many summer evenings out until late at night to spending hours at home. However, one of the best remedies for the “winter blues” is organizing weekend trips out of town. Whether in a spa, in a country house or in some ski resort, the important thing - as always - is to be properly equipped. Not just sweaters, boots and wool cap for us but also for our cars. Choosing tires that are perfectly suited to one’s driving style and car is essential. Goodyear introduces the new UltraGrip winter tire range for driving on snow and ice. But if you are not so keen on changing tires twice a year, Goodyear has developed the Vector 4Seasons tires. Suitable all year round for city use or limited mileage.

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