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Goodyear updates light transport range

Commercial Vehicle


The e-commerce segment is expanding rapidly and door-to-door deliveries needs to adapt to rapid changes: Goodyear supports logistics businesses and seeks to cater for their needs and requirements.


Virginia Poli

Goodyear updates its range of winter and all-season tires dedicated to light commercial vehicle. This operation began three years ago and reached its completion at a time when the entire logistics sector is facing significant growth in demand following a significant growth in online purchasing. A trend that accelerated sharply during the lockdown period, as an ever-increasing number of consumers opted – forcibly - for this mode of purchase. According to data collected by the research institute Nielsen, and reported by the website, in the first quarter of 2020 the e-commerce sector recorded a 162% increase; even more remarkable was the instant delivery segment – with goods being delivered immediately after purchase - which, again according to Nielsen data, in the same period recorded an increase equal to 300%.

Taking these figures into account it goes without saying that the logistics sector must obviously adapt to the growing demand, and it does so by modifying its hubs and structuring itself in such a way as to respond rapidly to a change that is taking on the features of a real revolution. Goodyear’s decision to update its light commercial offer over the last three years fits perfectly within this framework: an operation that aims to support entrepreneurs, fleets and small businesses with tires capable of offering great performance and versatility, perfectly suited to the new requirements imposed by the market. Over the last three years, The American giant focused mainly on updating and developing tires to support drivers engaged in last mile deliveries with tires capable to ensure great efficiency in a variety of situations.

This is how, thanks to new advanced tread patterns and compounds, Goodyear’s Ultragrip Cargo - dedicated to light commercial vehicles and presented at the end of last year – guarantees longer mileage, helping fleet owners to reduce the total cost of ownership, and improves braking performance in the winter allowing them to be used in the toughest weather conditions. Goodyear ultragrip cargo is currently available in 16 sizes. For business owners and drivers who prefer an all-season option, Goodyear offers the Vector 4 Seasons Cargo, a product that, as the company claims, is reliable and combines fuel efficiency and performance with shorter braking distance, greater stability, rolling resistance and mileage, resulting in significant TCO savings. Goodyear Vector 4 Season Cargo is available in 18 sizes (two of which have been recently introduced): the offer will soon expand with 3 more sizes. 

The range of tires for light commercial vehicles is rounded off with a summer model, Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo. Improved performance over its predecessor in terms of mileage is achieved thanks to Goodyear’s ExtraMile Technology, which provides for a tread with a new silica compound that not only increases wear resistance even on abrasive surfaces, but also contributes to improved grip on wet roads. Additionally, the tread pattern, thus obtained, ensures a more even distribution of pressure, which increases the footprint on the road. Thanks to these features, EfficientGrip Cargo allows commercial vehicles to travel up to 10,000 km more than their predecessor with the same set of tires. In addition, the company’s FuelSaving Technologywith which the tire is equipped, includes an inner layer called Cool Cushion Layer that improves heat dissipation and reduces rolling resistance by 18%. Goodyear Efficient Grip Cargo is currently available in 20 sizes.

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