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Goodyear launches new Otr tire and completes premium truck range

Truck and heavy duty vehicles


The RH-4A+ is an OTR tire designed for large vehicles while the Kmax T Gen-2 is intended for long distance transport fleets

Vittorio Ricci

The American giant keeps investing in large-size tires, strengthening both the Otr segment, for fleets with heavy-duty vehicles, and the trailer range. Goodyear's latest arrival for the OTR sector is the RH-4A+, designed to contain operating costs and increase productivity on hard rock terrain. Its ultra-deep E-4+ tread has a high full-to-void ratio and optimized footprint pressure to ensure an even tire wear and a longer life cycle. Goodyear engineers, building on previous models, improved the RH-4A+'s structural characteristics by introducing a number of technological innovations. Specifically, sidewall durability and lateral stability have been improved thanks to Goodyear Durawall Technology, a wider bead and a stronger casing. Looking at the tread, it is evident that designers worked on the quantity of sipes in the central part of the tread and shoulders in order to guarantee low operating temperatures. The low operating cost per hour is an important requirement in the business, particularly in the mining sector," explains Eric Matson, global Otr field engineering manager. "Among the benefits, customers demand a tread and casing that deliver long operating hours, resistance to cuts and maximum traction on hard rock terrain. The new RH-4A+ offers all of these benefits to help mining fleet operators optimize productivity and reduce operating costs." RH-4A+ is currently available in sizes 59/80R63, 46/90R57 and 27.00R49 throughout Goodyear's worldwide network of authorized Otr dealers with custom-made casings and tread compounds specifically developed by Goodyear to meet the typical conditions found in mining operations. "RH-4A+ is complemented by Goodyear EMTrack, a tire performance monitoring software that gives fleet managers the opportunity to track tire parameter data and reduce operating costs," Matson points out. “EMTrack, can monitor the tire performance, schedule rotation times, replacements and manage the stock”.


Kmax T Gen-2

On the other hand, Goodyear has also enriched its premium product portfolio for trailer tires with the new Kmax T Gen-2 tire. Aimed primarily at transport fleets, the Kmax T Gen-2 features higher mileage than its predecessor, 3PMSF marking and is equipped with Rfid technology. The new tread pattern features 5, 6 or 7 ribs, depending on the size, and offers resistance to damage and even wear to ensure high mileage and durability even in the most severe applications. Deep sipes provide wet grip and improved performance in all weather conditions. Intellimax Groove technology features a teardrop-shaped sipe pattern, designed to prevent groove damage in high friction trailers and other demanding applications. The compound facilitates starting in cold weather and, Goodyear points out, offers high abrasion resistance, high mileage and fuel efficiency. The composition and arrangement of the polymers ensure lower rolling resistance and contribute to reduced fuel consumption and emissions, as well as resistance to tread wear and side chafing. Kmax T Gen-2 tires can be re-grooved allowing fleets to further optimize their cost, thanks in part to the TreadMax Moldcure retreading process, which uses the same tread pattern and material as a newly manufactured tires. Connection with tire management systems such as eJob and Fleet Online Solutions is provided by the Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) system built into the tires.

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