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Goodyear hits the track (and the road) with four brand new Eagle F1



“Wingfoot” is set to raise the stakes in the high-performance segment. Asymmetric 5 is a brand new product dedicated to compact sports cars as well as prestigious sedans. SuperSport, SuperSport R and SuperSport RS make up the brand’s new UUHP range, inspired by competition.

Guido Gambassi

A growing market segment that represents a high added value for any premium manufacturer: since 2012, high performance tires, ranging from 17” upwards, have witnessed a significant growth in sales volumes (8%), and to date, makes up more than 22% of the summer segment. At the same time, luxury and sports car sales keep rising, and are expected to exceed 18% of the market by 2023. That is precisely why 2019 represents Goodyear's great comeback to the UHP and UUHP (ultra-ultra-high performance) tire segments. A return based on a massive dose of technology transfer, making full use of the innovations used in motorsports to produce tires able to match the full potential of the super-sports cars they are meant to equip, a fact that was well evidenced by the European launch event which took place at the Ascari circuit, in Spain.


Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

Launched in the United States back in the 1930s, the Eagle brand hit the European market only in  1985, and has, since then, been climbing positions in the market, keeping an eye on the best luxury and sports cars around at any time, and achieving great recognition with its Eagle F1, chosen as original equipment by several premium manufacturers for more than 300 car models.

Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, launched in January and already available on the market, replaces the older Asymmetric 3 and guarantees improved performance in dry conditions and especially when braking on wet roads (reducing braking distance by 4%, according to Goodyear tests). The new compound, a key element in the development of the Asymmetric 5, ensures a superior balance between mileage, behaviour in wet conditions and performance on dry roads. Goodyear's Active Braking Technology, which expands the footprint when braking thus increasing its effectiveness, is also featured on this UHP tire. At the same time, Power Cushion Technology enhances the tread’s stiffness against lateral forces thus improving cornering accuracy and steering feedback. Wet handling tests, performed on the Spanish circuit with a Volkswagen Golf R, gave the opportunity to experience the precise steering response even with extreme lateral stress and on a wet surface. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 is expected to be available in 51 sizes by May, with another 10 due between June and December; the rim diameters range from 17 to 22 inches, the widths from 205 to 315 mm and the aspect ratio varies from 50 to 25.


Eagle F1 SuperSport

The UUHP Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport range, on the other hand, made its debut with the launch of three brand new products, each meant for a different use: from the more road-going SuperSport, to the sportier SuperSport RS passing through the intermediate SuperSport R – all of which, however, make generous use of innovative technologies and compounds designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding drivers: speed, steering precision and braking efficiency. Without forsaking the pleasure of driving, which remains an essential trait for all luxury cars (and not only). 

Designed for very sporty hatchbacks, high-performance sedans and smaller sports cars, suitable for everyday use, the Eagle F1 SuperSport was designed to spice up your everyday use of the vehicle.

Changing direction has never been easier thanks to stiff tread ribs, while the shoulders make good use of Goodyear’s Power Shoulder Technology to keep the transfer of weight in check when cornering. An extremely robust sidewall further improves the tire’s behaviour without compromising comfort. Developed primarily for dry conditions, it still offers more than adequate performance even in the rain thanks to its Dual Plus Technology, a combination of compounds with outer sections optimised for dry conditions and three mid-sections designed to guarantee accurate driving in wet conditions. Completing the package we find Goodyear’s High Force Construction Technology, a reinforced sidewall to increase stability at high speeds, and Powerline Cover, a top nylon-aramid belt that perfectly balances flexibility and stiffness to optimise the tire’s footprint – a further element favouring stability. Twenty five Eagle F1 SuperSport tires were introduced on the market between February and May, with rim diameters ranging between 18 and 21 inches, widths from 205 to 305 mm and aspect ratios from 45 to 30.


Eagle F1 SuperSport R

Moving on to the Eagle F1 SuperSport R, things look a little more exciting as we take a look at what seems more like a "street-legal-racing" tire: reduced tread thickness and larger footprint. But, above all, more technological solutions come into play to further increase grip and steering precision. Starting with a high-friction compound, created with specific hi-silica content resins, and Bridge Assist Technology: special bridges along the internal groove of the tread designed to reduce tread-block deformation when subjected to extreme lateral forces, thus maximizing stability through corners at high speeds, as clearly seen from the track tests performed with a Porsche 991 GT3SR. Ten sizes for the Eagle F1 SuperSport R are expected on the market between February and November, 2019,  with rim diameters from 18 to 21 inches, widths from 205 to 305mm and aspect ratios from 25 to 40.


Eagle F1 SuperSport RS

At last, the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS, designed to be used also on race tracks, as the full/void ratio clearly shows. Though approved for road use, the RS is strongly committed to motorsports, thanks to a larger footprint, precision and stability in dry conditions, and a rather extreme compound (the same one used, for example, in endurance competitions such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans). The Eagle F1 SuperSport RS comes in only two sizes, introduced in March 2019: a 265/35 ZR20 and a 325/30 ZR21. The entire Eagle F1 SuperSport range will cover 90% of the UUHP car market.

The four Eagle F1s are by no means the only news we can expect from the American giant. In fact the company is currently engaged in revamping the brand focusing on greater technological innovations - which Goodyear identifies as its greatest asset.

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