Goodyear expands the production capacity in its Slovenian production plant

Goodyear announced that it will expand its manufacturing facility in Slovenia to meet the growing demand for premium tires in Europe, the EMEA region. “The demand for premium, larger-rim-diameter consumer tires is growing across EMEA. To ensure the sustainable growth of our business, Goodyear plans to invest 94 million euro in its plant in Kranj, Slovenia to increase its capacity in this profitable segment,” announced Henry Dumortier, Goodyear’s vice president consumer Europe. The investment will add 5400 square meters to accommodate advanced tire building machines, increasing the plant’s overall capacity by approximately 25 per cent. This will allow for production of an additional 1.8 million premium consumer tires annually. Production will focus on 17- to 19-inch replacement tires in Europe. Since 1998, Goodyear has invested more than 270 million euro to develop its Kranj facility. First established in 1998, the company has produced more than 130 million tires.

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