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Goodbye, Guido!

Farewell to Guido Schiavon


Guido Schiavon, founder of the Tires Seller Club consortium and president of Federpneus (the association he chaired since 1995), passed away on March 7.

Over 50 years dedicated to the tire sector, promoting with unflinching determination the ideas and values that were at very foundation of his personal and professional life, such as expertise, respect for people and rules, free thinking, independence and sense of responsibility. It’s impossible to remember Guido Schiavon separating the man from the entrepreneur and the latter from the authoritative figure and point of reference he became for the whole industry. Reason why Luca Baraldi, advisor on the Federpneus board of directors and president of the TSC consortium, never even tried to do so. 


Guido Schiavon - who died suddenly on March 7 - was the president of Federpneus and firmly held the helm of the association since 1995 (his appointment was confirmed by the Shareholders' meeting in 2015), and founder, back in 1986, of the TSC Tires Sellers Club consortium which he still chaired. "The TSC consortium was his creature - says Baraldi - the result of his philosophy, which can be summarized in one word ‘independence’. However,  this concept was not to be understood as a form of isolation, but rather as entrepreneurial autonomy". Over the years, Guido Schiavon gathered many companies, specialized dealers, brave and competent entrepreneurs and united them in the same line of thought. Among them, Luca Baraldi, owner of Baraldi Gomme (Marmirolo, Mantova), who today mourns the untimely death of a man who was an example, but above all, a dear friend.  "We met the first time more than thirty years ago and we immediately agreed on the values that have become the basic ideas behind the consortium, namely independent entrepreneurship. Guido and I have always been convinced that the manufacturer’s  strategies for the future development of the sector were correct, but also that we could obtain equally satisfactory results if we maintained the autonomy of our companies". Common principles that led Baraldi to join TSC. "For over twenty years, we fought several battles and pursued many projects together. Guido was a real "war machine" – smiles our interlocutor. - We usually agreed on things. However, at times, we did not see things eye to eye. At that point, Guido could become a little grouchy. But even then he always respected my ideas and our different opinions have never prevented us from finding a solution. Everyone recognized this trait in him, even those who never had the opportunity to cooperate closely with him acknowledged the added value he brought to the business".


Schiavon’s legacy for the industry is great indeed.  "He was esteemed and appreciated by everyone for his expertise and for the ability to manage situations in a positive manner without leaving anything to chance - says Baraldi. -. The most important teaching he left me is something that even my father often repeated: "count to three before you speak". And he did it! Guido was very careful in speaking always dosing the words and concepts, speaking when it was necessary and getting immediately to the point. He would think long and hard before speaking and always supported his ideas with solid reasons. He was always very informed and this, in addition to his experience, allowed him to have a very broad view of things".


Most of all, Luca Baraldi likes to recall the human side of Guido Schiavon: determined, optimistic, playful, shrewd, balanced, generous and mild. "He was always trying to sort things out for the best, to say the right word, to lend a hand, but he was also ready to crack a joke - recalls Baraldi -. His death has left a large hole in our hearts, as well as in the consortium, in the association and in the sector as a whole. For over thirty years, his ideas and his actions left a mark in the Italian tire industry. He made a great contribution towards the growth of the TSC consortium as a family, turning it into a credible and appreciated organization. The best way to honour his memory is to pick up where he left and bring the initiatives currently in progress to a conclusion, including a strategic partnership with the Point S network". A year ago, in fact, TSC entered into an agreement that led to its becoming part of an international network of independent dealers. "This is a project that has always been greatly supported by the Board of Directors. We found that we have a lot in common with Point S, not least common ideals, which were the ones that characterized Guido throughout his life". At the last meeting, the TSC board of directors dictated the lines for future developments, following the path defined by Schiavon himself: "these guidelines involved Continuity, Growth and Monitoring", says Baraldi who then concludes. - The memory of Guido Schiavon is destined to remain indelible in the sector, in Federpneus’ future strategies, in the life of TSC and of course also in mine".

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