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Targeting Europe

Inspired by comfort and savings, the new GT Radial range starts a complete renovation of the brand with Europe as its main target


Duilio Damiani

The new course is now underway. GT Radial’s new marketing strategy, aimed at a greater penetration of the world’s most demanding market, Europe, has been launched with the new Champiro FE1, a totally renovated line of products specifically designed to guarantee maximum satisfaction and meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients across Europe.

The premium brand of the Singapore-based Asian giant Giti Tires, one of the world’s top ten tire manufacturers (together with other brands such as Primewell and Runway) thanks to a total production that caters for cars, SUV, light and heavy duty transport vehicles, currently exported in over 100 countries, aims at reaffirming its dominant position in the intermediate segment of the market, with a competitive response to an ever wider range of customers, from private motorists, to rentals and corporate fleets.

Daria Sala Della Cuna, Giti Tires Country Manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal, during an International event held in Tuscany last April, stated:

“This new tire confirms GT Radial’s positioning on the market for quality products, thanks to a tire that promises high standards at a reasonable price, resembles premium tires with its extensive range and excellent performances, but at significantly lower prices. We have been working for some time now at designing a range of tires specifically for the European market in terms of technology and technical specs, thanks to the contribution of our R&D center in Hannover, the inspirational force behind all our future production. The Champiro FE1 has everything to become a popular choice among motorists, especially those looking for a tire capable of guaranteeing long mileage with low fuel consumption, a silent, safe and comfortable ride as well as great handling qualities”.

It is no coincidence that this process of renovation starts with a product destined to the widest possible distribution. Angelo Giannangeli, Giti Tires Marketing Director for Europe, confirms: "Since May last year, when the Champiro FE1 was first announced, a considerable demand for this new model across Europe was generated, therefore, having it now available is the best possible news for everyone concerned. This tire proposes to become GT Radial’s benchmark in driving comfort in the intermediate segment of the market".


UNDER THE LENS                                                  

Long life span, grip and comfort are the benefits on which designers have focused in the development of the new Champiro FE1, launched last autumn and now officially presented to the international press during the dynamic event held last April in our own country , on the winding hill roads around Siena, in Tuscany.

The tire features a new asymmetric design with three longitudinal grooves for efficient water dispersion, the inner band of the tread having slightly deeper grooves, to favor grip in adverse conditions, while the outer band shows a more aggressive profile in order to guarantee maximum grip at high speeds. The advanced tread compound provides great wet grip and overall performance, while maintaining driving comfort, low noise level as well as reducing heat generation and rolling resistance, improving the overall performance and life span of the tire.

The synergy between the production sites in Asia and the European research center in Hanover, Germany, which performs dynamic tests relying on the ETC testing facility (European Technical Centre) in Mira, UK, has developed a tire in line with modern performance requirements, as well as the need of reducing rolling resistance, gaining – as a consequence - a double B rating by  European labeling standards. Moreover, even though the Champiro FE1 does not belong to the UHP category, it still guarantees a substantial balance between speed, when required, and an appreciable comfort during normal everyday driving, with low noise levels ranging between 70 and 72 dB, according to the different sizes.

“The quest for lower rolling resistance, a fundamental requirement for modern tire productions and greatly sought after by both the market and vehicle manufacturers”,  states Stefan Fisher, Director of the Giti Tire R&D center in Hannover, “has received great impetus in the last 10 years, with an improvement that can be estimated around 40% compared with previous generations of tires. Unfortunately, this goes in the opposite direction to guaranteeing a measure of driving comfort. Therefore, having been successful in reconciling two opposite characteristics represents a considerable effort for the company and an enhancing feature for the new Champiro FE1 range”.


NO LACK OF CHOICE                                             

After making its debut last fall in a first size range, the GT Radial Champiro FE1, designed as OE for C and D class vehicles, comes now in 27 different sizes, from 15 to 17 inches, ranging between the 175/65 R15 H and the 225/55 R17 W, capable of meeting the requirements of 95% of the market. A range of tires that covers the needs of a very large portion of vehicles currently in production, going from, for instance, a Fiat Panda all the way to a Volkswagen Passat.

In line with the current renovation of the range expressly desired to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, primarily European, the Champiro FE1 will be followed in the near future by a new Ultra High Performance line of GT Radial tires, dedicated to high-performance cars, as well as by a specific product for 4x4 Sport Utility Vehicles.

Thanks to the historic collaboration with Magri Gomme, a distributor based in Carpenedolo (BS), which provides logistics and transport services, the GT Radial range can rely on a thorough distribution throughout the country, providing service and support for both cars and trucks, thanks to B2B and B2C programs able to respond in real time to the specific needs of customers as well as garages and retailers.

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