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Gipa Awards at Autopromotec 2017


Eleven prizes, in three different categories, were awarded yesterday by the Gipa Italia Committee to companies and professionals active in the aftermarket world. The categories were: “know-how”,  “ground-breakers” and “achievers

Dino Collazzo

Innovation and ability to adapt to market changes. The aftermarket world is rapidly evolving and, for the industry’s stakeholders, keeping up with what is happening is crucial to staying competitive. Gipa Italia is well aware of this, and decided to honor companies and professionals who focused on modernization and new business strategies, with “excellence awards”. So much so that in the last 24 months, positive results have been obtained in terms of profit margins and image. From the stage in the Connect-Room, one of the convention halls at the Autopromotec trade show, which hosted the 14th edition of the Gipa awards, Marc Aguettaz, general manager of Gipa Italia, handed out prizes to the winners. This year, the company team wanted to group the eleven awards into three new macro categories: “know-how”, “Ground-breakers” and “Achievers”. The first category recognizes the sector’s enterprises that have distinguished themselves through spirit of innovation and their ability to understand the ever-changing needs of the aftermarket. The prizes awarded in this category were six: the “contribution to the environment” award, went to the Imasaf Group; the “innovative process” award was assigned to MotulEvo; The “Iam development strategy” award to Groupauto Italia; the “Iam Supply-chain development strategy” award was delivered to Robert Bosch Italia; the “Oes network satisfaction” award  was shared between Renault Italia for generalist brands and Bmw Italia for premium brands. The criteria of choice in the first four cases were Gipa's knowledge of the industry, indications from the press, and a Cawi survey (web survey conducted on 10,000 aftermarket professionals). While the rest were based on Ato 2016 and 2017 studies (the annual trends observatory). In this case, what was taken into account was the satisfaction of Italian drivers (6,000 interviews) on repair and maintenance work performed on their vehicles. As far as the second category, the “ground-breakers”, the criterion of evaluation chosen was based on the companies' ability to explore new paths and make the best use of the most recent technologies. The prizes delivered were three: knowledge dissemination, which went to Tekné Consulting; managing a workshop in the digital era, assigned to CarWebStore-Izalink & Fintyre; and driving the distribution chain in the digital era, awarded to ANYcat-Assoricambi & Enginet . A Cawi survey was the criteria behind the “knowledge dissemination” prize, while the other two were the result of an analysis by the Gipa Italia committee.

Finally, as far as the “Achievers” category, the two awards were given to after-sales specialists. The first went to Walter and Riccardo Califano-Autoluce srl for their winning choices in the aftermarket world. The second, awarded by the specialized press, went to Roberto Vavassori for the best entrepreneurial project communication. The “excellence awards” were also the most suitable circumstance to sum up the current situation of the sector with its 53,000 operators. An unexpected surprise came as Gwenaël de Calan, general manager of Gipa Germany, made an appearance to celebrate the twenty-five years of activity of Gipa Italia. Renato Gallo, a professional in the field who promoted, together with Federperiti, an initiative to raise money to be allocated to 97 auto-repair workshops damaged in the earthquake in Central Italy, also took the stage. 

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