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Michelin Farm tires: X Cargo BibHeavy Duty


Reduced soil compaction and great self-cleaning capacity for this new tire designed for agricultural trailers

Massimo Condolo

Farms are getting larger with fields often distant between them. Furthermore, subcontractors are increasingly called by farmers to work during periods of soil preparation and harvesting. The consequence is that tractors often have to move on tar roads, although this implies different needs compared to travelling on farm roads: keeping the tires clean and driving comfort. Michelin responds to these needs with its new Cargo X Bib Heavy Duty tire range, designed to be used on farm trailers with a maximum load capacity of 8.33 tons per wheel (almost twice the required load for an industrial vehicle). Marketed alongside Michelin’s Cargo X Bib High Flotation, a low pressure and low rolling resistance tire, the Heavy Duty provides trailers with excellent stability (even if unevenly loaded), and great road handling on slopes.

The new tire now has both a longitudinal and a diagonal series of grooves. The tread has a trefoil design, called Tripod, with tread blocks aligned diagonally; this pattern opposes the tire’s torsion and the irregularity of wear caused by it, while the size of the tread blocks improves the contact patch. Furthermore, the limited depth of the grooves reduces the depth of the tracks when driving on the ground.

One of the key benefits of the new Cargo HD is their ability to not get bogged down. Innovative diagonal channels efficiently squeeze mud away from the centre of the tire while the wide shoulders disperse it away at low speed. On the other hand, at higher speeds, longitudinal channels exploit the centrifugal force to easily fling mud away. The HD’s efficiency in clearing itself of mud is three times quicker compared with the previous Cargo X Bib. This not only means that the trailer regains driving comfort and efficiency much more rapidly, but also that the stretches of road smeared with mud will be much shorter, making cleaning requirements faster and less expensive to perform.


The radial casing is designed for a longer life span; thanks to its massive round shoulders it is never aggressive on vegetation (the new tread design also contributes to reduce uprooting) and is easy to steer and operate on hard ground lengthening the life span of the shoulders as well. On level ground, the Cargo X Bib HD can be inflated from 0.80 to 4 bar depending on the load and the maximum speed (10 km / h on land, up to 35 on tar roads); on slopes the pressure must be increased by 0.2 bar. The only size available today - 560/60 R 22.5 TL155D – will soon be joined, in July 2016, by the 560/45 R 22.5 TL152D and the 500/60 TL 161d in August.


Bibendum in the field

A structure of 16 people represent the French giant on our market; it markets and sells more than 500 tire models under three brands (Michelin, Kleber and Taurus), with diameters ranging from 68 to 232 cm and weights from 19 to 530 kg. Radial tires make up 94% of the production, although 6% of clients still prefer conventional tire structures. Reduced soil damage and compaction and greater agronomic performance drive the market’s demand, which is well catered for by a range of products that recall the name of the company’s mascot, Bibendum, one of the most recognizable  logos in the world. In the company’s catalog, we can find the XeoBib for ground preparation, AxioBib for ultra-powerful tractors, SprayBib for plant heath care machines, CereXBib for harvesting machines (harvesters), YieldBib for working in rows and CargoXBib for trailers.

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