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From retreads to a contribution to rebalancing public accounts

The need to bring the State’s accounts under control has once again drawn attention to the “auto blu”. There are essentially two requirements. On the one hand, the necessity to contain their numbers and, on the other hand, to try to lower the running costs of the vehicles that public administrations must have. From the latter point of view, a law exists that could make a considerable contribution to the cost of managing public fleets and about which AIRP constantly reminds the world of institutions and the press to ensure that it is upheld.
The law concerns the State, the Regions, local bodies, public fleet management and public and private services, which are required to include at least 20% of retreaded tyres in their purchase of changeover tyres. It is a provision of the Financing law of 2002, a provision that was dictated essentially to protect the environment, but which is now important also from another aspect given the pressing need to contain public expenditure.
The retreading of tyres slows down the destruction of used tyres that are potential pollutants and is therefore of ecological value. Retreading lengthens the life of a  tyre and the process is carried out in accordance with strict ECE ONU 108 and 109 standards.
The allocation of 20% was imposed for environmental reasons, but in the current critical situation it has become even more important as it means that considerable savings can be made in fleet management. It would be appropriate, therefore, that public administrations scrupulously observe the law regarding the use of retreaded tyres also in view of the fact that 20% of the total number is certainly not high.

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