First Stop LAB: new networking initiative dedicated to First Stop affiliates ready to kick off

First Stop LAB, a new initiative that involves 5 speakers representing all First Stop points of sale, kicked off with the aim of enhancing a sense of belonging to the network and a cohesion between the different points of sale, as well as a moment dedicated to sharing ideas and promoting effective initiatives. The location chosen for the first event was the Fondazione Brodolini @Milano LUISS Hub for makers and students, a multifunctional space dedicated to digital manufacturing, business development and creativity, with many young entrepreneurs looking for new growth opportunities for their business. The ideal place to share ideas in the name of innovation. The theme of the first First Stop LAB meeting was: " The Internet has different rules and logic compared to the traditional market: new and different competitors, a complete product catalogue and new rules on profit and price". A central theme now for some time, e-commerce is becoming an exceptional opportunity for all retailers, provided they know how to take advantage of its unique characteristics. E-commerce allows each partner the opportunity to expand the business with 24/7 sales potential, but requires careful management of logistics and product positioning. Customer care and attention are essential if one wishes to remain competitive in the market and offer the best service. For this reason, First Stop launched, earlier this year, its new website, an online showcase for the network revisited with new style and contents, designed to provide online customer service with the needed information. The participants in the first stage of the First Stop LAB were Massimo Tron (Bricherasio Gomme), Alberto Buson (Brusamarello Gomme), Giulio D'Alessandro (Pit Stop), Costantino De Angelis (La Picena Pneumatici), Antonio Totaro (OK Gomme). "We found the ideal setting to share and develop ideas, projects and innovative solutions to support our network - said Claudio Guella, Regional Retail Manager South Europe -. I thank Fondazione Brodolini @Milano LUISS Hub for its availability and for allowing us to work in a setting that helps u sto think out of the box". The next stages of First Stop LAB, scheduled in July and December, will address other critical issues with the aim of creating innovation and strengthening the identity of the First Stop brand.

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