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Firestone launches the second generation of Multiseason, its new all-season touring tire. The Multiseason GEN 02 is the latest addition to the Firestone tire range, which includes all kinds of products for cars and motorists. Among the innovations we find a pattern design and surface-contact area have been optimised to allow maximum water evacuation in the wet, offering a balanced level of tire stiffness in dry conditions at the same time. The tire has also achieved the EU label grade “B” for wet grip and is also qualified for snow performance as certified by the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) and M+S marking, making it compliant with all winter regulations in Europe. Following an extensive market research involving more than 15,000 European drivers, Firestone started developing its new tire to guarantee that the new Multiseason generation would meet their demands. A further improvement over its predecessor is the European label grade C awarded for rolling resistance in most sizes, which results in a 20% improvement in mileage. Developed and manufactured in Europe, Firestone’s Multiseason range will be further expanded starting in 2020, with 50 different sizes ranging from 13” to 18” Multiseason GEN 02 is set to cover 90% of the market demand, which becomes 70% if we consider 17" wheels and more, suitable for most cars and SUVs.

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