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Firestone unveils the new Winterhawk 4

Firestone, presents its new winter design, the Winterhawk 4. The new Firestone Winterhawk 4 guarantees adequate control on snow and ice thanks to a new tread design. The presence of more side grooves in the shoulder area improves traction on snow and ice, contact pressure and braking in winter conditions. In addition, the zigzag groove design improves grip. On snow the Winterhawk 4 displays a 7% better traction than its predecessor, the Firestone Winterhawk 3.1. The new Winterhawk 4 brakes considerably better than its predecessor, with a 4% shorter braking distance. All this has enabled the tire to obtain the EU Class B wet grip label. The new Firestone will be available from June 2020 in 94 sizes ranging from 14" to 20" for both smaller cars and SUVs. The new launch also enriches the winter market segment of the brand, reaching a 92% market coverage, 81% in the high-end segment (17" wheels and above).

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