Fintyre and CobatTyre team up on ELT management

A new partnership to guarantee the correct collection and disposal of end-of-life tires throughout Italy, with a fast and efficient service dedicated to tire dealers and professionals in line with the highest European environmental standards. This, in a nutshell, is the agreement between Fintyre, Italian tire distributor through its network which includes Franco Gomme, La Genovese Gomme, Pneus Market and LGG, and CobatTyre, a consortium created to collect and recycle end-of-life tyres (ELTs), with thirty years of experience in managing technological waste, with a focus on the automotive sector in partnership with the several premium car manufacturers. CobatTyre will specifically manage the imported tires distributed each year by Fintyre to its numerous customers throughout Italy. Fintyre's tire specialists and dealers will have direct access to CobatTyre's services and the possibility to independently manage their pick-up orders with just a few clicks through a dedicated website. Specific training, communication and awareness-raising activities have also been planned for all operators in the tire replacement sector, the perfect occasion for the consortium to collect ELTs from tire dealers and retailers, making sure that these are properly handled and sent to treatment plants, in line with Ministerial Decree 82 of 2011, which regulates the management of end-of-life tires. Furthermore, CobatTyre will guarantee the highest levels of ELT traceability, monitoring every single step of the waste management process through dedicated tools, tailor-made to meet the needs of the operators, making sure that worn out tires are properly introduced in a circular economy. "Thus, we aim to support our customers during the whole process, from before to after the sale when the products must be disposed of - says Francesco Carantani, CEO of Fintyre -. In addition to being a valid partner for all our customers, we are looking at promoting a sustainable development of the tire distribution sector through choices and projects that have a positive impact. We need to make sure that all the players in the supply chain realize that a circular economy is not only a way out of the many waste emergencies still plaguing Italy, but a way to create investments and job opportunities in our territory”.  "This agreement with Fintyre is a great opportunity - explains Luigi De Rocchi, president of CobatTyre -. Together we are mapping a shared path in which ELTs will become an increasingly innovative and dynamic part of a circular economy. Our goal is to help Fintyre and its network to pursue sustainable developments that will benefit not only the environment but also the entire national economic system, reducing waste and generating new raw materials, guided by such principles as transparency, efficiency, and sustainability.

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