Federpneus promotes new professional courses in ADAS systems calibration

Safe and intelligent thanks to Adas systems (Advanced driver assistance system). New vehicles are a concentration of technologies that require qualified skills and innovative tools for proper maintenance. The resulting effect is that workshop activities are evolving rapidly. And to keep up with this change, specialized training is increasingly if a workshop hopes to hold its own against the competition and remain in business. This is why Federpneus, in collaboration with HellaGutmann, the diagnostic division of the Hella Group, has organised a course on how ADAS systems work and their proper maintenance. The course was held last March and was attended by several important stakeholders. During a 8 hour course - divided between classroom training and practical workshop tests - HellaGutmann specialized trainers along with a technical manager from Federpneus explained what Adas systems are, the different types and methods of calibration, the procedures for a correct error analysis as well as the legal standards. The course was dedicated to mechanics as well as tire specialists. The latter category, in fact, will find it increasingly difficult to work on a vehicle without having to intervene on the Adas systems, even if the work involves relatively simple operations such as tire replacements, fitting wheels with different diameters, suspensions or wheel alignment.

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