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Federpneus Executive Council takes stock of the market

The Executive Council of Federpneus, the Italian Tyre Specialists’ Association, took stock of the market and some important new developments in the sector. A positive year end was followed in the early part of 2012 by a considerable crisis in professional segments. The recession and credit restrictions led to a 30-40% downturn in the truck sector. Entire segments like construction came to a complete standstill.
The situation is better for retreads and they have maintained the figures of the previous year. The most preoccupying aspect is the fact that traditionally solvent companies are finding it difficult to make payments.
The situation for vehicles is better, albeit differentiated. The bad weather in February in part helped the rotation of stocks of winter tyres in areas affected by rain. Outside these areas, however, a significant number remained unsold. It is primarily this situation that is a cause for concern, given that increased stocks means less income for retailers. The situation is better in the AWD segment.
The Council examined the subjects of end-of-life tyres and the Ministry for the Environment advisory committee. The committee is very  important for the category in that it enables sector operators to meet with the institutions to clarify the regulation and resolve certain practical problems.
The committee has arranged a packed programme of meetings. Unless amendments to the text of the legislation are necessary, it is to be hoped that we will soon have at least some answers to important doubts.
Awareness-raising actions continue on the subject of VAT evasion. For many years Federpneus has been in the forefront on this subject with strong communication as well as legislative proposals. Evasion not only has a negative effect on State revenues, it also creates unfair competition among retailers.

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