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Fasep: work anywhere with eCube

Mobile service


Specially designed to optimize mobile service, the new integrated, battery-powered system combines many tools into a compact and versatile piece of equipment

Carlo Ferro

Assisting broken-down vehicles, or reaching customers directly at their homes or workplaces, are services that are increasingly appreciated and in demand, and this gives tire dealers the opportunity to offer their services with significant added value. For those who offer - or are planning to offer - mobile services, FASEP introduced eCube in September 2020: an integrated system designed specifically for this use and introducing important innovations and advantages.


Compact, versatile and efficient

The new system presented by the Tuscany-based company, developed in collaboration with the Dutch partner Tmg, includes the main equipment necessary to guarantee efficient mobile service, with the advantage of not needing a generator, being equipped with a system of rechargeable batteries and a silent compressor that works without disturbing the operator. It is therefore clear that the operational advantages offered by eCube are many: compact, versatile and efficient. In fact, the system is suitable for car, SUV and van wheels with rims up to 24" and integrates in just 1.1 m2, several pieces of equipment such as tire changer, FASEP B112 balancing machine (optional), PC system, touchscreen, digital inflation system, compressor and power-bank with 48V battery system. The presence of a special shaft facilitates also the replacement of motorcycle wheels. The eCube system does not require a predefined position inside a service vehicle and can be installed even in small vans.


Given the absence of a generator, eCube overcomes all the inconveniences associated with it: noise emissions, exhaust gases, bad smell and fuel consumption (not to mention the size and weight of the generator itself). The battery pack that powers eCube has enough working hours to replace, with a single charge, between 60 - 70 tires, and can be recharged in three ways: with a normal 220V power point, simply by plugging the batteries into the socket when you return from work or directly at the customer’s premises; while the vehicle runs, since the batteries are recharged automatically while driving; or using an optional solar panel, to be installed on top of the van (in this last case the recharge must not reach 100% to avoid damaging the batteries). The batteries used, mark the difference between the two versions of the system, both equipped with tablet and GPS router: eCube AGM Premium uses AGM batteries, while eCube Lithium uses, as you might have guessed, lithium batteries.


A system fully “Industry 4.0” ready

On the eCube's built-in PC you will find the user manual, instruction videos and you can do a number of things remotely such as updating the software, uploading new videos and changing settings. The whole power system is also connected to the PC, i.e. inverter, battery bank, battery charger, solar panel. Furthermore, the PC can communicate with the car to be serviced, as it is possible to take charge of the car remotely and enter the operating system to trouble-shoot any possible problems before the operator arrives on sight. If it is an easy fix, it is possible to tell the operator what to do to get the car working again and avoid wasting time. There are also several functions that can be activated through the dedicated eCube all-in-1 app, which manages the controls of the batteries and the eCube system, sets preventive measures for the power bank before any damage occurs and allows the operator to make the most of the battery charge. Interacting with the eCube's built-in GPS, the app monitors the van's location and directs the driver to the nearest customer. Thanks to these digital and connected features, the eCube system falls squarely within the requirements of the national “Industry 4.0” plan.


The “Tesla” of mobile service equipment

"We are proud to present on the Italian market a cutting-edge product destined to revolutionize the mobile tire service, as evidenced by the success achieved in the rest of the world - said Fabio Boni, director of FASEP -. Reaching customers everywhere, both private and corporate fleets, to ensure a mobile service with the highest quality standards is a competitive advantage that will certainly make the difference. eCube is a small integrated system that leaves maximum space and capacity available for tires and allows to operate with zero fuel consumption, zero noise and zero exhaust gases. Basically, eCube is the “Tesla” of mobile tire service equipment and, considering the cost reduction it brings, eCube represents a smart and strategic investment, fully in line with the current ecological transition and 4.0 innovation".

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