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Among Würth’s range of components and equipment, tire pressure monitoring systems cannot be missing, a feature present in both today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.


Duilio Damiani


As a famous and historical brand, Würth has long been present in the field of fastening and mounting components, as well as hardware, safety and automotive sectors, as a synonym of professionalism and quality. A name that matches that of its founder, passed on to his descendants who are still very much a part of it, thus making the German giant, with more than 3 million customers around the world, one of the largest family-owned companies.

Today the Würth Group is one of the largest non-listed companies in Germany, with a workforce of more than 65,000 people working in all continents, ranked by the German newspaper "Die Welt" as 91st in the world’s top 500 companies. A fully deserved reputation, given the expertise acquired over time and the high standards of its extensive production.

In addition to the headquarters of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co, based in the center of Germany, in Künzelsau in Baden Württemberg, the Würth Group includes more than 400 subsidiaries in 84 countries, which are divided into two main branches: the Würth Line (die Würth- Linie), with a number of companies incorporated under the Würth brand, plus more than 290 other allied subsidiaries, acquired over time and operating under their original name despite being part of the group, producing together a business volume estimated at nearly 10 billion euro in sales (2013 data). Increasingly specialized, the range of Würth products, with over 100,000 items in the catalog, certified and complying with the most stringent regulations, is oriented toward a variety of business needs in many sectors, including construction, wood, metal, industry, cargo and, of course, automotive.



NATIONAL RECORDS                                            


Although the name sounds undeniably German, in our country Würth Italy Srl is the largest subsidiary on the international scene with a consolidated history dating back to 1963, and currently branched throughout the country. Managed by Mr. Nicola Piazza since January 1, 2009, besides the headquarters and logistics center in Egna, near Bolzano - a modern facility, enlarged in 2002, with a total area of 48,000 square meters - Würth can also count on the branch and logistics center in Capena (Rome), in addition to a detached logistics center located in Crespellano (Bologna), from which a widespread distribution activity branches off, reaching throughout the country, with 80 dedicated stores and 240,000 customers followed by more than 3,000 employees.

Always at the forefront and in step with the needs of a vibrant market, with over 50 years of experience, supported by a wide and comprehensive catalog, ready to tackle the technical and commercial challenges represented by systems for monitoring tire pressure, now commonly known with the TPMS acronym. In order to deal with a growing request that in the near future will represent, for any tire specialist, a very important business volume - estimates are soon made, considering about one million three hundred thousand new vehicles sold annually in Italy, which will require every six months a diagnosis of active TPMS and almost half of them could also adopt a second set of seasonal tires - the systems proposed by Würth will be divided broadly into two levels: spare valves and diagnostic tools, besides information forms and e-learning platforms to complete the training of operators towards correct procedures.

Attention and awareness towards the primary needs of repair shops, dealerships, body shops, tire shops and service stations, which means a constant supply of spare parts as well as providing professional training, has led to the creation, by Würth, of integrated and customized lines, to immediately meet today’s requirements for service.





Basically, if on the one hand Würth is able to guarantee a complete range of sensors consistent with the originals (about 150 models adopted as original equipment), thanks to its TPMS line produced in close collaboration with Schrader International, a leading company in the field of components for wheels, from aviation to earth-moving machines, on the other hand a range of generic but flexible EZ universal sensors (able to replace the originals), will cover about 90% of the current circulating fleet, minimizing the stock so common in tire and auto repair shops. Not only that, customers interested in accessing a complete package, thanks to the access credentials issued with the purchase of diagnostic equipment, can consult the dedicated web portal, containing the specs for each model, useful to program and initialize the universal sensors correctly, but also video tutorials and step-by-step instructions for proper installation, maintenance and replacements, guaranteeing a complete and easily accessible level of training without moving from the desk.

In addition to sensors, rubber and metal valves and generic spare parts needed for routine maintenance, the crown jewel in the catalog of the German company for this sector is represented by the iQ 50 diagnosis tool, essential for reading the status of active TPMS, featuring a large display, easy to use even with gloves on, and run by a simplified software which allows the cloning and creation of new codes. Joining the Snooper + interface to the iQ 50, the system increases the efficiency of the entire production cycle for the most complete multi-brand diagnosis, allowing data relating to each customer to be saved through a USB cable.

Digital hardware is then joined by industrial hardware: the awareness of the needs of modern workshops has led Würth to produce a complete set of tools dedicated to TPMS, like a briefcase containing 13 essential tools to regulate and fit both valves and sensors, tools like pre-calibrated torque screwdrivers for the correct tightening of the retention elements, able to ensure professional interventions avoiding undue damage, costly in terms of image and unnecessary waste of resources, during all phases of intervention.






The intuition of the founder, Adolf Würth, who after twenty years of experience in the family’s hardware shop created, in 1945, the company that still bears his name. The professional background and the corporate mission clearly transpire from the logo, represented by a stylized double screw head to recall the initial of his dynasty. His death, at only 45 years of age, forces his son Reinhold Würth, to accelerate both his personal and professional growth, becoming at just 19 years of age one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of the time. Still in office as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the tradition continues with his daughter Bettina Würth, Chairman of the Board of the group as well as the Würth Foundation.

Third generation of a family devoted to a sector in great transformation, shrewd investments and large resources invested in research have made it possible to keep up with the times, assuring its customers scattered around the world a solid relationship and trust that goes hand in hand with technological innovation. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the first company of the Group, the corporate image has been renewed. "The renewal of the Würth brand is not only limited to the logo," says Bettina Würth, "in fact a brand is like a person, we identify it by the name, we know it through the expression of his language, and we react in a certain way to his charm and his style". 

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