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MD 10 JANNUARY 2013, n. 20. Wheel approval scheme. Extension period for the mandatory adoption

The Decree 20 of 10 January 2013 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on the wheel unit approval system (approval of rims and tuning), which should have been operative by March 23, 2014, will be extended to December 31, 2014 following the approval of a Ministerial Decree, as by the ministerial news letter issued in March 25, 2014, prot. n. 6902. As is known, the Decree regulates the approval of both the rims, and the so-called "transformation" more commonly referred to as tuning. Given the complexity of the new legislation, the time needed to fulfil all the obligations of the law and of the procedure for the approval, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has decided to extend the deadline for the application of the “wheel unit approval scheme” to December 31, 2014. Therefore, up to that date current rules will continue to be operative. The new legislation on the wheel unit has been strongly supported by Assoruote (Association of Italian Wheel Manufacturers) and Assogomma (Tire Manufacturers Association), to encourage the use of quality products "certified" by the highest competent authority in Italy compared to other articles of dubious quality and reliability". The need for an extension, was highlighted by Assoruote" says its President Corrado Bergagna "who shared instances by the sector relating to the time required for companies to adapt to a significant downturn in the market”. The Ministry of Transport has understood and shared the reasons of the category, striving for a speeding up and simplification of procedures demonstrating that between institutions and associations cooperation can produce results in the interests of the industrial and economic development of our country. " The cutback on bureaucracy around the wheel unit approval scheme represents an opportunity for everyone, says Fabio Bertolotti – Director of Assogomma – and we hope it will be realized as soon as possible. The terms extension should not be regarded negatively if it will be used to promote a common responsiveness for the vast majority of products on the market".

Autopromotec, the international automotive equipment and aftermarket products exhibition held in Bologna from 20 to 24 May 2015 produced the first figures relating to the interest displayed by the various exhibitors.
More than a year away from the next date in 2015, and even before sending requests to participate, the organizers have received, to date, already 400 confirmations, with an increase of 25% compared to the same period of 2012. 76 of these come from international companies, a significant number when considered that foreign companies have the tendency to proceed directly with the stand reservation rather than sending expressions of interest.

Some interesting trends emerge from the analysis of the preliminary data: the areas reserved for spare parts and Car Service, as well as those destined for tires and control equipment, are already being sold out in spite of the large advance. There are also many companies, new to Autopromotec, that are showing interest in the Bologna fair, and more generally older exhibitors requesting more space than in the past, so that the organizers do not exclude the need to open waiting lists in some sections.

"The reasons for this growth are many - says Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec – let me highlight just two of them: first, many companies are export-oriented, and they also sell 80 % of their production abroad, facing up with those growing countries typically dedicated to producing low cost products, but that come to Europe to acquire the latest technology. Second, the continued rapid advancement of technological innovation, for regulatory reasons, for environmental issues and also for the changing tastes of the market. Just think of the challenge represented by info-mobility, which requires more specific and specialized skills for managing on board systems, and the same applies to all sectors of the automotive aftermarket. For this reason, but also because of its international appeal, Autopromotec 2015 is the essential meeting point between supply and demand for the diverse world of vehicle care. "

The 2015 edition confirms a number of important initiatives like Autopromotec EDU, in-depth analysis on the most important issues of the automotive aftermarket, IAAM 2015 international automotive aftermarket conference already in its fifth edition and the two initiatives: Industrial Vehicle Service and Filling Station Equipment, the first dedicated to products and services for the maintenance of commercial and industrial vehicles, the second aimed at companies operating in the road service sector.

IAM Italia, figures of the first two months 2014

The Italian IAM Market Observatory of the Torino University has released an informative, with the aim of communicating to operators of the Italian Independent After Market some market data as at 28 February 2014. The analysis of Sample Distributors, which has reached 35.11% of the IAM Distribution turnover in Italy (excluding tires and bodywork), highlights in relation to the first two months of 2014 some interesting figures.

First, the Italian IAM market records a progressive increase in turnover of +4.36%, mainly due to a few determiners : first the Mix Effect +1.9% (the higher incidence of some parts with higher unit price, due to the disappearance of some exclusive rights), and then the Price Effect +2.1% and to a lesser extent the Volume Effect up 0.4%.

In terms of management, these trends show a significant reactivity of the distribution in changing brands and their relative ranges of products in order to preserve / enhance their revenue and a substantial stability of prices, although February shows a rising competition in the market. In addition, there has been a modest increase in volumes generated by a number of reasons: rebalancing of the automotive market from new products to repairs, particular liveliness of some brands no longer exclusive and progressive reduction in the market share of authorized spare dealers.

The comparison between last year’s numbers from the previous year show an increase of 4.2%, thus confirming the positive trend that began in May 2013.

In relation to subcategories it is clear that, for every 100 Euros of turnover by the sample distributors, 7.6% is made ​​up by the “clutch kit” (including flywheel), with an increase of +16.4 % of the turnover (the aging of the running fleet forces many to carry out repairs that were postponed) compared to the first two months of 2013, an increase of 0.8 % of the market share.
Other subcategories recording a higher turnover are brake pads, shock absorbers and suspension struts, respectively, occupying 3rd, 4th and 5th position with 3.9% (market share unchanged at 6.5%), 14.4% (with a market share growth of 0.3%) and 14.8% (+0.3% market share). Car batteries occupy the 2nd position with a market share of 7.2 %, a decrease of 0.7 %. The turnover, though, recorded a decrease of 4.9% almost entirely due to the different mix of cars batteries purchased, while the volumes were up slightly : batteries were sold at a lower unit price than the average.
Lubricants, driven by the Castrol Bosch post agreement effect, grew by 22.2% and occupy a market share of 3.1% (up 0.5 %). Distribution Kit, Wipers, bearings and brushes have increased in line with the market turnover, and respectively, occupy a 2.9% m.s. (steady), 2.8% m.s. (steady), 2.7% m.s. (+0.1 % points). Diesel filters and brake discs showed a significant reduction in sales of -4.2% (due to volume) and -4.1% (volumes and selling prices) : the loss of market share is equal for both the categories at - 0.2 %.

Motor Show: God save the original

After a year of absence, the Bologna Motor Show will be back in 2014. The organization confirms its appointment with the automotive industry and its community at BolognaFiere from 6 to 14 December 2014 (December 4 to 5 for the press) promising to confirm its role as a major event that goes beyond the concept of a traditional motor show, a hub where every exhibitor can best express its brand identity through innovative communication and product promotion.

With 38 years of history behind it, the Motor Show 2014 stands as the ideal meeting point between the past and future of the automobile, the place par excellence where the passion for engines is expressed.
8 are the different areas identified for the 38th edition, with the aim of peering into the automotive world and its different brands in different contexts : product, test drives, competition, new tech & mobility, vintage, music & entertainment, food & and leisure outlets.

An event that is not only physical and will go beyond the traditional running of the event : three dedicated blogs, from March to December, will broadcast every aspect of the Motor Show to a community constantly involved in social networks, through virtual, tv and live shows aimed at giving a widespread visibility to an event classed as "always on ''.

All in the context of Italy 's Motor Valley, the area with the highest concentration of automotive companies in our country. BolognaFiere boasts over 18 versatile pavilions, has 11 outdoor areas used for test drive and dynamic initiatives, reflecting the philosophy of the Motor Show, which has always been based on the idea that we cannot think of a static exhibition for something mobile.

De Santis Tires' first 50 years

De Santis Tires turns fifty. Born in March 1964, the Latina based company specializes in tires for cars, light trucks and motorcycles, founded by Eligio De Santis and his wife Luana who took care of administration. The result of dedication and craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation : today both sons Rino and Fabio are responsible for running the company which over the years has expanded its activities to include roadworthy inspection tests, light repairs and car sales, obtaining in 2000 the Mastro certificate of specialization, mark of quality awarded by Michelin.

Aware that a regular inspection of the tires, the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface, is essential for safe driving, De Santis Tires has been offering for the past fifty years a wide range of tires and services performed with dedication and experience thanks to qualified personnel and advanced equipment. 

PNEURAMA’s editorial staff joins in the celebrations of this important milestone.

Convention Rete Italia Marangoni: growing through innovation and diversification

On Saturday, February 22 in Rovereto at the headquarters of Marangoni Spa the annual convention of the commercial and earthmoving tire division took place, with the participation of area, marketing, research and development, production and logistic structures managers and agents.

Opening the convention, Massimo De Alessandri, CEO of the Group, presented the ongoing developments and investment programs in different areas, stressing the strategic importance of the technical renovation project for the industrial platform of Rovereto, where most of the company’s production is made, to increase the presence of Marangoni on the main European markets.

There were talks on the group’s results during 2013 in a market for the retreaded tire that was once again negative both in Italy and in most European markets. Brenno Benaglia, commercial director, has, however, reported positive results in the key sectors : an increase in sales volume and market share for commercial tires and a stable sales volumes in the earthmoving sector.

In a context of great difficulty for Italian transport companies, tire retreading has a key role in strengthening the competitive capacity linked to the reduction of operating costs and fuel consumption. The research and development division of Marangoni, led by Angelo Priori, illustrated the importance of pursuing the reduction of rolling resistance, which is fundamental to further reduce fuel consumption, but not at the expense of mileage.

Marangoni is also investing time and energy on market segments that have significant room for growth, "While the expansion of the MARIX RP 100 truck range guarantees an even more competitive offer in the growing segments of medium and long range transport - said Luca Mai, head of the earthmoving section and sales director for Italy - the challenge we are facing in the industrial bulk handling sector involves the reconstruction of tires for vehicles used in ports, logistics centres and industrial sites where keying is increasingly important and customers are increasingly sensitive to cost management".
To conclude the meeting Giovanni Marangoni, president of the company, invited all to continue on the path of development and improvements "in hope that this year will be a real turning point for the Italian economy and for the company’s target sectors."

Commuting collapses as cars remain people's favourite

Movements of persons in Italy decreased by more than a fifth in just five years. This is the figure that emerges from a study of the Observatory on Sustainable Mobility by Airp (Italian Association of Tire Retreaders) based on data by Isfort, which found that from 2007 to 2012 the number of trips made ​​by people in Italy in an average weekday has gone from 123.5 million to 96.5 million, a decrease of 21.9%. Urban commuting has decreased from 76 million to 58.6 million, a fall of 22.9%. Suburban commuting fell by 20.2% during the same period, having gone from 47.5 million to 37.9 million. Despite the decrease of trips made, the car remains the most widely used means of transport. In fact, during 2012, 79.7 % of car commuting occurred in urban areas (81% in 2007), and 84,7% in suburban areas (83,9% in 2007).

Once again, the economic crisis is held responsible for the decline of people’s movements in our country, hand in hand with the rise in fuel prices. The fact that cars remain in any case the favourite means of transport used by Italians, may depend on the one hand on the practical advantages ​​of this means of transportation, but on the other, in many cases, the absence of an efficient and viable alternative to private vehicles.

Airp has always supported the possibility of reconciling the need to use the car with the need for saving induced by the economic crisis : the use of retreaded tires allows, in fact, to save on the vehicle’s running costs delaying the need to dispose of used tires that can be retreaded, with obvious positive effects for the environment.

Castrol Edge presents "Titanium Trail"

Launched at the Geneva Motor Show,  Castrol EDGE boosted with TITANIUM FST, is the new Castrol engine oil that increases resistance to oil film rupture, while the titanium additive contrasts friction and reduces contact between metals.
To celebrate the launch of its new engine oil, Castrol has presented the "Titanium Trial", a series of spectacular trials, in a world premiere. The first Castrol EDGE 2014 "Titanium Trial" will be the "Titanium Strong Blackout" : a race circuit completely in the dark, crossed by rays of light. The course is divided into four sections in order to accommodate a relay race of four cars, which will include several drivers and their vehicles to test the resistance of man, machine and Castrol EDGE. The "Titanium Strong Blackout" will see the participation of drivers such as Augusto Farfus, driver of the BMW DTM Castrol EDGE team, Adrian Zaugg, Lamborghini test driver and Mike Rockenfeller, who won the 2013 DTM with his Audi. The fourth driver will be announced at the end of April.
You can follow every step of the "Titanium Strong Blackout" on Castrol’s website. Castrol EDGE enhanced with TITANIUM FST will be available in Europe and Africa from April 2014.

Goodyear Dunlop unveils its tire with a built-in chip

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe has presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, a new tire concept designed to increase the car's performance thanks to a direct link between a microchip embedded in the tire and the vehicle's onboard computer.

The system, developed together with Huf, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical locking systems, pressure control and telecommunication systems for the automotive industry, is based on a microchip without a battery, inside the tire. The microchip sends to the vehicle info on the identification, pressure and temperature of the tire that the central computer is able to process automatically perfecting the lateral and longitudinal control of the vehicle, improving driving performance.

Among the results achieved thanks to the data transmitted by the tire, is a reduction of braking distance when the ABS comes into action, improved cornering control, greater overall stability and optimization of the car’s control systems.

The chip is embedded in the tire, and not in the rim, making sure that the specific information relating to it can be integrated into the chip. The positioning inside the tire protects the chip from damage during the assembly procedure, compared to the systems mounted on the valve stem. As soon as drivers will switch to tires with built-in chips, they’ll continue to benefit from this new system.

Goodyear Dunlop has equipped with this new system their SportMaxx RT tires and is currently testing it for a possible large-scale mass production. At this stage of development, a specific launch has not been scheduled yet.

"Road Expert", a Pneus-Expert and Uniroyal event

The Road Expert event, which was held on 17 and 18 February at the Autodromo Vallelunga and was attended by over three hundred Pneus-Expert specialists, is one of the steps of a greater project focusing on the Italian market by Uniroyal, an historic brand part of the Continental Group since 1979.

The convention focused initially on the contents of the franchise program, the sales team that on a daily basis follows the Uniroyal brand and the Pneus-Expert network, to finish with the presentation of the new "Shark Skin Technology", and feature the company’s new crown jewel, the RainSport 3.
During the second day of the convention guests had the opportunity to test drive the cars provided by ALD Automotive Italy and the ACI Safe Driving Centre at Vallelunga fitted with the last two Uniroyal creations: RainSport 3 and MS +77, tires with marked differences.

RainSport 3 is characterized by an asymmetric design, with diagonal grooves that allow greater grip in wet road conditions and offer a quick water drainage. The second tire, the MS +77, is the new Winter " rain tire ", able to guarantee great traction even in critical conditions (snow and ice).

Mondolfo Ferro, an established partner in the supply of equipment for Continental tire dealers, has participated in the event with all the necessary technical support prior to the event, and a mobile workshop operational during the day's driving sessions. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about some new equipment, the characteristics and functions of which have been explained by Mondolfo’s technical staff. An important contribution, aimed at providing advanced solutions for the tire dealers.

Aica against inspection test frauds: "make the MCTCNet2 operational"

Following recent reports on newspapers about scams in the periodic roadworthy inspection of vehicles, AICA, the Italian Association of Equipment Manufacturers, exposes the limits of an inspection system that is overly dependent on the discretion of the individual operator. Shady workshops cash-in the money and certify the inspection without having performed it, damaging not only the many workshops that carry out their work in a reliable and professional manner, but jeopardize road safety and citizens. Exemplar the recent news, reported by the press, about a series of road safety checks and inspection made by the Police of the Provincial Command of Naples, which led to the discovery of 1,600 roadworthy inspection that were made by an inspector deceased 9 months before. They also discovered the use of a software capable of releasing the necessary documentation without even the presence of the vehicle in the inspection centre. AICA argues that the solution to the problem already exists and is called MCTCNet2, a system for automatic detection connected directly to the Motorization’s Data Processing Centre with an encrypted protocol, able to guarantee the absolute regularity of the inspections performed. The system, designed by the Ministry of Transport and developed in cooperation with automotive equipment manufacturers and trade associations, is already available and ready for operation. However, the Transport Committee of the Senate urged the administration to further extend the installation dates of the MCTCNet2 software, although there is a separate committee to define a schedule and any adjustments that may be needed. AICA hopes that the new government will prevent further delays and work towards the effective adoption of this instrument for the benefit and safety of citizens.

Two new tires by Falken

Falken opens the 2014 season on track with the presentation of two new products. On March 12, the Ascari Race Resort circuit in southern Spain about 150 km from Malaga was the setting for the launch of the new Falken Azenis FK453 Run-Flat and Sincera SN832 Ecorun.
The Falken FK453 Run-Flat combines the features of a modern high-performance tire with the runflat technology "Next Elaborate Orb Taiyo Technology Tyre (NEO-T01)", which lets you create quality products, saving on resources, thanks to the extreme production accuracy.
The Falken SN832 Sincera with optimized rolling resistance thanks to 4D design nanotechnology, has great parameters for European labelling and is designed for compact cars.

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