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Europe, if you are there show it!

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An uncoordinated rescheduling of the international events planned in 2020 at European level, may damage a proven system that has enabled Europe to earn and maintain a global leadership

Pneurama Editorial Staff


One of the unfortunate effects of the Coronavirus has been to force the cancellation or postponement of numerous trade fairs, creating additional difficulties for the economic sectors involved. For many companies, especially in B2B sectors, trade shows remain the best stage on which to unveil their technologies and networking channels. This brought back a problem that had been forgotten over time: overlapping calendars. The recent rescheduling of Tire Cologne one week away from Autopromotec (originally scheduled between June 9 and 12, 2020, The Tire has rescheduled the fair from May 18 to 20, 2021) is just one example of how important events can overlap creating significant difficulties for a number of sectors. In part, this is also due to the available dates of the show grounds, which have already defined their own calendar for next year. In moments of great economic growth with the consequent development of many events, competition between fairs took place in different ways, even placing events close to each other. In recent years, however, the trade fair sector has gone through a sort of “natural” selection. So much so that, to date, only one or two major trade shows have been consolidated in each continent, supported by several regional events. In the coming years, the entire industrial system will be subjected to severe tests including services, such as trade fairs, which are expected to support companies and help the economic recovery. The European trade fair system is still one of the main drivers of economic development on the continent, attracting buyers from all over the world. The problem of overlapping events has already been raised by the President of the CFI (Industrial Trade fair Committee) in a web conference organised on March 17 by the European Exhibition Industry Alliance with representatives of the European Parliament and the Commission. The hope is that Europe, since the ambition is to call itself a Union, will be able to talk not only about financial matters, but also about issues of interest to the industry as a whole, which is more than one of the main wealth generating engines for the continent. For each country, the ability to produce goods that tomorrow, due to unforeseeable events, may prove difficult to find or even unavailable is invaluable, just think of the recent difficulties health care facilities had to face to obtain facemasks. Therefore, Europe, if you really do exist, show it! As far as Autopromotec is concerned, which, we would like to point out, is not owned by an exhibition centre but by trade associations representing exhibitors and visitors, the CEO Servadei said, "it will continue to work alongside companies, with several new features in store for the 2021 edition. The recent problems linked to the Covid-19 health emergency must not make us forget the great opportunities that technological development represents for all operators in the sector: innovations that, in many cases, will be unveiled for the first time at Autopromotec 2021".

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