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Euromaster relies on multiservice centres for vehicle maintenance

Maurizio Bramezza, Euromaster Marketing Director

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Maurizio Bramezza, new Euromaster Italia marketing director: “Knowing how to pay attention to operators and clients is the best business strategy”

Dino Collazzo

"Every change begins with the ability to listen to others: and that is what I intend to do in Euromaster". Maurizio Bramezza, the Michelin network’s new marketing director has, for now, set himself one goal: to visit the 200 or so points of sale scattered throughout Italy, collecting suggestions from operators and requests from customers. And then integrate all this information into a project aimed at enhancing the current services offered and expanding the network. Bramezza is not new to this type of activity. In fact, during his professional career he has dealt with numerous projects ranging from customer reception to restyling premises, managing contacts and customer retention schemes. All this while working for important networks in the automotive sector: Carglass, Fiat lubrificanti, Midas and Norauto.

The automotive sector is facing a profound technological transformation: autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity. How should a service networks move in this scenario?

"Networks, but more specifically individual operators, must invest in new services. We have to understand that today a customer who comes into a store to buy a new set of tires may also need something else: I'm thinking of servicing, a battery change, new brakes or suspensions. We need to be able to offer services that will bring the customer back when he needs assistance".

You joined Euromaster a few months ago. What are you planning for the future?

"First, our operators need adequate training. Networks cannot grow levering only on quantity, quality is equally important. Being able to provide specialized technical assistance to someone who shows up in our workshops is the first step towards retaining that customer. But it is not enough. Besides this we need open and clear communication: clear offers, transparent quotations and consistent invoicing. Euromaster has been moving in this direction for years. My work will focus on refining this strategy even more".

What do you have in mind?

"Right now I'm in the process of gathering information. I need to understand in depth the structure of the network so as to make the most of the relationship between the point of sale and the customer. Based on the needs and requirements of these two subjects we will then develop our marketing strategies. Beside collecting impressions and comments, my team and I are busy analysing data on customer behaviour in order to understand what kind of maintenance is required, what product they prefer and why, what kind of vehicles regularly enter our workshops. This will help me to adjust not only the services we offer, but also decide what are the most suitable tools to be used throughout the network”.

You mentioned changes, but do you think all operators are ready to review their business plans?

"I believe so. And I got confirmation of this after listening to entrepreneurs and network operators. Some time ago, during one of my trips to meet Euromaster affiliates, I spoke with an entrepreneur. I asked him what kind of future he had in mind for his company. He told me: "I’m perfectly aware that working only with tires will not be enough to stay in business and that one has to change and acquire new skills. But to make this leap I need to have a structured network behind, one that can support me during this transformation". These answers clearly show what is the path we need to take, and help me understand that those who work in our sector are aware that they need to review their strategies if they still want to have a business".



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